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A book of happiness for chicken lovers.

Any chicken owner will know that there’s more to these endearing, quirky, clever characters than the eggs they produce. Cluck is a celebration of hens, roosters and chicks, combining high-quality photography with inspirational and amusing quotes to create the perfect gift for chicken fans. Some of the collection’s quotations come from famous people (Oscar Wilde, C. S. Lewis, Mark Twain, Plutarch), others don’t; some are philosophical, others light-hearted — all are memorable. Accompanied by beautiful pictures of a variety of these farmyard birds, from Plymouth Rocks and Orpingtons to Welsummers and Silkies, this collection of quotes and proverbs will steal any chicken lover’s heart.

SPECIFICATIONS: Hardback/Paperback | 225 x 203 mm | 8.75 x 8 inches | 160 Pages | Colour

Freya Haanen lives in Dunedin, New Zealand. She has always been fond of chickens but since researching this book she’s fallen in love with them even more.

The Poultry Digest review article
“…a celebration of hens, roosters and chicks. Poultry Digest likes – The cock may crow but it is the hen that lays the eggs.” Click here to read.

Unity review article
“Whether you are an egg, chicken or animal lover, Cluck is a must have coffee table or kitchen bench accessory. As you turn the pages a sense of connection to nature, the land, and the chicken radiates from the pages and into your heart.” Click here to read.

In The Good Books review article
“This book would make a lovely gift especially as it is becoming more popular to keep backyard chickens, not only on rural properties but in urban environments as well.” Click here to read.

Brisbane Courier’s Mail Q Weekend Magazine review article
“Chicken-lover Freya Haanen has hatched this collection of inspirational and amusing quotes about chooks.” Click here to read.

Hunter Lifestyle magazine article
“…we instantly fell in love. After all, who doesn’t love chickens?” Click here to read.

Rural Living magazine article
“Fancy a little chicken this festive season? If you’d prefer to have a happy hen ‘laying’ beside you at the table rather than on it, this book is for you! Full photos – from cute to quirky – as well as famous quotation about these beloved birds.”

Organic NZ magazine article
“This attractive coffee table book will make a great present for chook lovers. Each left-hand page features a beautiful, amusing or artistic photo of chickens, roosters, chicks or eggs, while the facing page has a wise or witty quote or proverb.”

High Life Magazine review article
“Accompanied by beautiful pictures of a variety of these farmyard birds, from Plymouth Rocks and Orpingtons to Welsummers and Silkies, this collection of quotes and proverbs will bring the appeal of the backyard chicken home to roost.” Click here to read.

The Senior review article
Cluck is a must-have book for chicken lovers. With its glorious photography depicting curious little chicks, busy chickens going about their two purposes in life – eating and producing eggs – and roosters posing in their flashy plumage, it’s guaranteed to delight owners and would-be owners of these marvels of evolution.” Click here to read.

ABC Gardening Australia magazine review
“A delightful blend of beautiful and quirky images… with an assortment of inspirational or amusing quotes.” Click here to read.

Hip Little One review article
From eggs to chicks and from hens to roosters, Cluck (RRP $29.99) celebrates all there is to love about chickens. Cluck bundles inspirational, amusing, wise and endearing chicken quotes from famous people like Oscar Wilde, C. S. Lewis and Mark Twain and other not so famous people, but each page is sure to strike a chord with real chicken-lovers.” Click here to read.


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  1. Tina Gambell

    Book Review
    Freya Haanen lives in Dunedin, New Zealand. She has always been fond of chickens, but since researching this book, she’s fallen in love with them even more.

    “You’ll find that humans ‘chicken out’ more often than chickens do” (Anonymous, p67)… a very apt viewpoint as I sit here watching one of my hens run the dog off the lawn. As a chicken owner, I felt drawn in a variety of ways to each quote with ‘Cluck’ and was pleased to be asked to review the book.

    Cluck is a 160 page, solid, hard-cover glossy book of happiness for chicken lovers. Each page features a high-quality photo of chickens in endearing positions and an accompanying quote. I sat and read the entire book, savouring the thought-provoking, entertaining or historical quotes, attributing one to myself:

    “Chickens are the gateway animal… It all starts off so innocently. You just want to try having a few chickens… and next thing you know, you’ve got turkeys, ducks, rabbits, goats, pigs, cows, llamas and a pony” (Lori Hernandez, Three Acre Farm, p91).
    My 48 Gold Partridge Brahmas, 5 Pekin ducks, 5 Indian Runner ducks, 8 llamas, and 2 Red Golden pheasants would probably not mind sharing their paddocks with a few more family members, but my husband might have a different opinion!

    Cluck is a beautiful book and would make an excellent coffee table addition or a special gift to any chicken fans out there; its content has no barrier to a worldwide audience. It is sensibly priced and is part of an ‘Animal Magic’ series of animal books “Woof” and “Spirit”, for horse lovers.

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