Help a Global Publisher Inform The World About Our Books – Job Opening for Organised Metadata Manager with Writing Skills

We are looking for someone to join our growing UK team in a remote, work from home capacity to assist our global team in creating and distributing metadata and marketing material.

The part-time role would have two main elements:

  • Researching and writing keywords for our upcoming titles, and working with our team around the globe including salespeople, distributors, and platforms to ensure this metadata gets to the right places in time
  • Creating marketing materials including TIS (Trade Information Sheets) and AIS (Advance Information Sheets) for all titles well-ahead of publication, including copywriting descriptions and sales angles

In addition to writing skills and a love of books, this role requires meticulous organisation and a rigorous adherence to deadlines. If you enjoy doing crosswords and reading spreadsheets almost as much as you enjoy reading books, then this role may be for you.

We are looking for someone to join on a part-time basis starting with 20 hours per week with the possiblity of increasing this to a full-time role if the candidate is successful. This is a remote, work from home position available to anyone in the UK, bonus points if you happen to be based in Edinburgh where we already have staff.

Apply: Please send your CV/LinkedIn as well as a paragraph or two about yourself and your suitability for the role to Nathan Thomas, [email protected]

You can learn more about Exisle Publishing on our About page. This role encompasses both our Exisle Publishing non-fiction titles, as well as our EK Books children’s range.