Understanding Autism

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The essential guide for parents

Our understanding of the autism spectrum has improved dramatically in recent years. In Understanding Autism, two leading experts in the field combine their decades of experience to offer an extensive, accessible guide for parents and relatives.

This empathetic book covers everything from the causes of autism and the latest research to how it manifests at various ages and stages of life, from how to cope with common challenging behaviours to the importance of self-care for caregivers. An essential resource, it reassures and supports parents in coping during times of difficulty or transition, as well as with everyday life.

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Professor Katrina Williams is a paediatrician, public health physician and an internationally recognized clinical epidemiologist. She is the APEX Australia Chair of Developmental Medicine at the University of Melbourne and the Director of the Department of Developmental Medicine at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne. Her current research focus is on autism, and she is a founding member and executive committee member of the Australasian Society for Autism Research.

Professor Jacqueline Roberts is the chair of autism in the Autism Centre of Excellence, an initiative of Griffith University. Prior to this, Jacqui worked as a consultant on a variety of national projects in autism. She has a background in teaching and in speech pathology and previously worked in schools for children with autism as a teacher and principal.

Centre For Developmental Neuropsychology
“Understanding Autism is clear and well written. It provides sensible, accessible information and has an air of calm reassurance about it. This book provides a combination of professional advice and personal support, as a knowledgeable friend might.”

Unity QLD
“This book is a must have resource for all parents who have children with autism, especially for those parents who have just received their diagnoses”

“There has been an explosion of information about autism in recent years, including possible causes and interventions, and parents and carers are faced with the task of sifting through the often – conflicting information to help them cope after a diagnoses. Understanding Autism aims to break through the misinformation and provide parents with the skills to assess new information, to deal with professionals and choose the best path for them and their child.

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