The Confidence Coach: Take Control of Your Life and Wellbeing (ebook)

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Confidence is a crucial ingredient for success in so many areas of life – at work, in relationships, and ‘getting out there’ and enjoying yourself. Internationally renowned confidence coach Lisa Phillips knows that confidence is an ‘inside job’ – it’s an internal process, which only you have the power to change.

Written in Lisa’s trademark warm and humorous style, this book will help you realise that your confidence is in your own hands. By adopting the right mindset and learning a few tricks, you can overcome the fears and negative patterns that have been holding you back, and open the door to the life you want.

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Lisa Phillips is one of Australia’s most inspiring empowerment experts. She founded her ‘Amazing Coaching’ business in 2001 after working overseas in over 20 countries as an Internal Auditor. In 2000, she realised that she really didn’t enjoy auditing at all and decided to follow her true passion and re-train as a coach and confidence expert. Lisa has been a confidence expert on Studio 10 and regularly shares her advice on empowerment and confidence in many business and lifestyle magazines. She has also been interviewed on many national radio shows including 2BE and Body and Soul.

Her own popular ‘Spiritual and Irritable’ radio show continues to attract both national and international self-development guests. Lisa’s vast experience in the corporate world gives her a balanced view of both self-development and business. Having also worked as a Communication and Engagement Manager within a large global bank for over seven years, she is perfectly placed to inspire everyone from accountants to artists! Lisa is regularly asked to speak at large events in both the private and public sector. With her warm sense of humour and genuine, open style, Lisa inspires people to trigger lasting change in their lives, while enjoying themselves at the same time!

Leaders in Heels, August 2015
Check out the extract: “How to be Assertive

Confidence Coach How to be Assertive Lisa Phillips Exisle Publishing

Lifestyle You, July 2015
Lisa Phillips author of The Confidence Coach Book – and one of Australia’s most inspiring confidence and empowerment experts – highlights that anxiety can manifest in ways unique to ourselves and our lifestyles.

Confidence Coach Take Control Lisa Phillips Lifestyle You

MORE FM Queenstown, July 2015
Listen to Lisa Phillips on the radio:

ABC Tropical North, July 2015
Listen to Lisa Phillips on Australian radio:

PS News, June 2016
“Essentially Phillips is one of Australia’s most inspiring empowerment experts and is perfectly placed to inspire everyone to take control of your life and wellbeing..”
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Good Health Guide, January 2016
Lisa inspires people to trigger lasting change in their lives, while enjoying themselves at the same time!

Psychology Central US, December 2015
“The book contains case examples as well as sample mindset statements that Phillips has used with clients. It is all about reinventing our inner dialogue, feeling more empowered, giving ourselves permission to release negative self-talk and fears, and removing obstacles that hold us back from making small changes.Phillips writes with warmth. And she provides easy-to-use activities and tips, making her book a helpful read for those of us who need a boost.”

Hamilton News, November 2015
“Ideal for those who doubt their abilities, feel anxious about being assertive or wear confidence as a mask rather than really feeling it on the inside.”

Inside Small Business, November 2015
“if you lack confidence in yourself or in your business, you may find it difficult to set adequate pricing or promote and market your services.”

New Idea, August 2015
“Empowerment expert Lisa Phillips tells us how to fine the right ‘one’.”

Jane Anderson Blog, August 2015
Talk about high energy and enthusiasm, Lisa has it!

Women’s Networking, July 2015
Written in Lisa’s trademark warm and humorous style, and featuring case studies, practical exercises and Top Tips throughout, The Confidence Coach is designed to help you develop inner confidence gradually and naturally.

Melbourne Herald Sun, July 2015
“Lisa Phillips is one of Australia’s top life coaches. Here she distils her knowledge and presents tools to allow you to adopt the right mindset, shed negative thoughts and transform your life”


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