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The Chronic Pain Couple Audiobook

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The struggle to maintain joy and a fulfilling relationship while coping with chronic illness and pain is a serious problem for millions of people today. Australian health entrepreneur Karra Eloff has drawn on academic research and her own pursuit of joy in spite of suffering to develop this trailblazing, compassionate, low-energy and practical path to a remarkable new normal, delivering much-needed solutions to couples living with one partner’s chronic pain.

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Nine Honey
 “Karra thought her pain was ‘a running injury’. Then it began spreading through her entire body” Read the article here

Sydney Morning Herald “Karra Eloff, author of The Chronic Pain Couple, explains why she wrote the book having learned to live with chronic pain.” Read the article here

Take 5

Take 5 Magazine “Not a Burden: Our relationship is stronger than ever”


That’s Life Magazine “Don’t Let Pain Stop Intimacy” 

Karra Eloff is a young Australian health professional, speaker & entrepreneur dedicated to helping suffering people find joy. She is the managing director and co-founder of two private psychology clinics on the East Coast of Australia. She is also the founder of The Chronic Pain Couple, an organisation that delivers practical support to people with chronic pain and their loved one. Karra is a wife, mother, and former speech pathologist who featured as a regular guest panellist on the TV talk show Be That. Karra herself suffers from long-term chronic pain and her personal experience, along with research and work with clients, led her to develop a blueprint to enable any couple living with chronic pain to achieve joy, success and a remarkable relationship.

The struggle to maintain joy & a fulfilling relationship while coping with chronic illness and pain is a serious problem for millions of people today. Australian entrepreneur and health professional Karra Eloff draws on academic research and her own pursuit of joy in spite of suffering to bring this trailblazing, compassionate, low-energy and practical path to a remarkable new normal, for you and your chosen human/partner.

On average, one in five adults suffer from chronic pain. In older people, the number rises to three in five. Most of these people don’t realise they don’t have to settle for a survival-based coexistence with their partner or bury their hopes for success and joy under a mountain of heat packs or duvets.

Chronic illness or pain, according to Karra, need not hold you back from experiencing personal joy and success. It is possible to forge a path to remarkable—to move the dial of a relationship challenged with chronic pain from embattled and exhausted to joyful and passion-filled.

This is possible through small, practical changes that require little energy but make a big impact in the areas of:

  • Communication
  • Mental health
  • Intimacy
  • Personal Success

If you experience chronic pain, or love someone with a chronic illness, this book is for you. If you are a health professional seeking practical advice for people with chronic pain, this book is for you

‘In this book, as in all of her work, Karra is approachable, compassionate and warm, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the areas of chronic pain and relationships. The rare, unmistakeable authenticity, understanding and empathy that shines on a background of both lived experience and professional expertise is sure to change lives for the many people struggling through life and love in pain.

Reading Karra’s book feels like talking to your best friend — who gets it, has the best advice, and tells it to you straight!

This book is a must-read for chronic pain sufferers, their partners, and professionals working with them.’
Sally Shepherd, Clinical Psychologist and Author

‘What a wonderfully refreshing book! Karra writes with the knowledge of a health professional and the soul of a romantic, and has skilfully combined the most up-to-date research with her and others’ lived experiences to provide a practical and down to earth guide for couples who are navigating chronic pain. Personally, I think this book has something to offer all couples, irrespective of pain, but particularly chronic pain survivors who have been searching for practical ways to feel joy and intimate connection in their relationships again. Bravo!’
Laura Bennett, Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Neuropsychologist

‘The Chronic Pain Couple is an authentic, meaningful and highly practical guide to safeguarding and restoring relationships touched by chronic pain. Rather than observing the topic from a safe distance, Karra dives in boots-and-all with an account that is both deeply personal and accessible, all the while grounded in evidence-based research and practice. A must-read for any couple or individual navigating the twin challenges of managing chronic pain and aspiring to a mutually satisfying relationship, and for the health professionals who support them.’
Dr Gemma Roux, Clinical Psychologist, Director of Flourish Psychology and Communicator
“The Chronic Pain Couple is a self-help book aimed at couples who are dealing with chronic pain. However, I got more than that from the book.

I’m sure it could help couples but I found so much in this book that would be helpful for anyone living with chronic pain.

Let’s face it, the most important relationship we have is the relationship we have with ourselves. I think it could help people to feel better about themselves, prioritize themselves and love themselves.”

Publisher’s Weekly
“Eloff, a psychology clinic cofounder, offers chronic pain sufferers advice for maintaining successful relationships in this compassionate debut.”
Click here to read

Style Magazine
Karra’s debut book, The Chronic Pain Couple, is a practical blueprint on how to navigate love and intimacy while being diagnosed. Her book is full of hope and strategy for many.

Think of The Chronic Pain Couple as a go-to guide for tough conversations and pivoting moments. Click here to read more

Metropol Magazine
Chronic illness or pain, according to Karra, need not hold you back from experiencing personal joy and success. It is possible to forge a path to remarkable – to move the dial of a relationship challenged with chronic pain from embattled and exhausted to joyful and passion-filled.

Jess Brien host of That’s So Chronic Podcast
“I’ll be honest – I felt nervous going into this book. Perhaps I was worried I’d feel worse about myself afterwards, however that was so not the case!
Karra’s writing is as if you’re listening to your best friend. She is honest, kind, respectful, and encouraging! I really enjoyed the structure and thought all of the advice was great.

I also enjoyed getting to learn about Karra’s story too, which is an important aspect to this book. I immediately trusted what Karra was saying as I knew she understood it! She is also living it, and that makes all the difference (in my opinion).

I recommend this book for anyone who is living with a chronic illness (whether that includes chronic pain or not) who is in a relationship or looking for one.”

Member of New Zealand Association of Counsellors / Te Roopu Kaiwhiriwhiri o Aotearoa
‘The Chronic Pain Couple’ gives readers a glimpse into the realities of living with chronic pain in a relationship – a situation so nuanced that it’s otherwise difficult to understand. Karra’s book, based on her own experience and the latest research is like a “practical blueprint” for other couples affected by chronic pain.”

Separate Bathrooms – Nova podcast with Cameron and Ali Daddo
Interview with both Karra and her husband Johann.

“When you get married, you say to your partner you’ll support them in sickness and in health. But what happens when the sickness comes much sooner than expected? Karra Eloff was diagnosed with a chronic illness at 21-years-old, only two years into her marriage to her husband Johann. Karra was inspired by her experience to help other couples through the effects chronic illness.” Click here to listen

ABC Digital radio weekends with Andrea Gibbs “What impact does a loved one’s chronic pain have on you? This hour some practical tips for those living alongside those with chronic pain” Click here to listen

River 949 Breakfast with Marine and Campo “The things that always comes up are compassion fatigue and caregiver burnout. The book answers the question, how do we navigate these changes to regain the joy in our relationship ” Click here to listen

Lyrella Couzens ABC Darwin “Very much based on (Karra’s) experience of chronic pain and how it affected her relationship. While you decided to accept over time that while pain was your new normal, you don’t have to accept the new normal of the patient carer dynamic with your partner ” Click here to listen

ABC Melbourne, Afternoons with Jacinta Parsons “Thank you for writing the book that so many of us have been looking for our whole lives.” Click here to listen. The interview starts at 2.16

ABC Radio National. Life Matters “What Karra and Johann learned (from their journey as s couple though Karra’s chronic pain) might help the 1 in 5 Australians who live with chronic pain”  Click here to listen.

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