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A diagnosis of ADHD can be overwhelming. There’s a wealth of conflicting advice available and it’s hard to know what to trust. The solution: The ADHD Handbook, a clear and comprehensive guide drawing on the most up-to-date international research to present a pragmatic look at this common disorder. It covers how ADHD is diagnosed, the most effective therapies and techniques and the pros and cons of various types of medication, and addresses many of the common myths surrounding the condition.

This informative book is an essential reference to support you in successfully navigating your way through the challenges ADHD poses and helping your child to live a full, happy life.

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Stuart Passmore is a psychologist in private practice. He has developed an evidenced-based Parent Management Training program for parents of children with behavioural disorders ranging from ADHD to Oppositional Defiance Disorder to Conduct Disorder and children with explosive and non-compliant behaviours. Stuart also conducts professional development training workshops on Parent Management Training for behavioural and anxiety disorders.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is now one of the most common childhood disorders right across the world, with a wealth of conflicting advice available everywhere you look. But most parents want only one thing: to find out what is going on with their child and how they can help them. The ADHD Handbook draws on the most up-to-date research from around the world to present a comprehensive look at ADHD, covering everything from how it is diagnosed to the common myths surrounding what causes it, from the brain anatomy implicated in the disorder to the pros and cons of the various types of medication, and from the most effective psychotherapies to the best parenting techniques.

In addition, there are chapters looking at the experience of ADHD from the sufferer’s point of view, as well as the facts and myths surrounding ADHD in adults.

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Peter Bell chatted to Stuart Passmore about the ADHD handbook. Listen here

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Child, July 2015
‘Straight-forward and myth-busting, this book begins with a definition of ADHD, then dives into the history, facts, causes, diagnosis and treatment options for the disorder including medication and alternative therapies. It explores co-existing conditions and the emotional impact of living with ADHD.’

Kiwi Families, February 2015
“Having a child with behavioural issues can be extremely challenging for families. It can affect all areas of a child’s life and also the family’s as a whole. Stuart Passmore’s new book, The ADHD Handbook, deals with the facts and myths around ADHD.” 

Mindfood – June 2014
‘Stuart Passmore draws on the latest research to dispel myths and offer parenting techniques to better understand the disorder.’

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