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Tarot: A Modern Guide

 Due for release  February 2022  ANZ



Tarot: A Modern Guide is a practical guide to the basics of the seventy-eight-card tarot, the most popular deck for self-development and divination. The meanings of each card are explored, including their interpretation in tarot readings. Meditations, activities and exercises inspired by each of the twenty-two major cards are given, including divination, magic and clairvoyance. Lastly, the book presents a schedule of twelve monthly steps that build into a full year’s course of tarot exploration.



SPECIFICATIONS:  | Paperback | 230 x 170mm | 150 Pages | B&W Diagrams | 9781925820966

British author John Izzard is fascinated by all the different ways we look the world, and marvels at how we communicate as fluently as we do. He finds endless inspiration in the tarot cards that embody the aspiration of visionaries to collect key ideas in images that transcend time.

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Chakras: A Modern Guide

USD $24.99 Tax Included

Due for release March 2022 ANZ Only

Unlock ancient chakra teachings to benefit your health and well-being. Discover chakra meanings and find ways to understand them and how they influence your life.

Today’s modern chakra practitioners focus on the seven major chakras, which they visualize as part of the subtle energy field, or aura, that swirls around us in rainbow colours, each chakra relating to a certain key part of the body. With modern-day concerns for optimum health and well-being, there is no doubt that the chakras have an important role to play in our physical, mental, personal and spiritual growth.



SPECIFICATIONS 230 x 170 mm | B/W Diagrams |Paperback | 160 pages | 9781922539250