Square Metre Gardening

After 30 years perfecting his methods Mel Bartholomew’s Square Metre Gardening, shows you how to grow an abundance of produce from such a small space. No worrying about weeds and fertilisers, no back breaking digging, just an Earth friendly approach to gardening. Grow vegetables, salads, herbs, flowers. Grow on a patio or balcony, in shade or sun, on a hillside or slope no matter what space you have Square Metre Gardening is for you. Create a kids corner, a community garden or a garden for those with special needs. Square Metre Gardening even shows you how to create a vertical garden!

Packed with full colour photographs and seasonal planting charts it is no wonder over 2 million copies of this book have sold around the world. If you think you don’t have the time, space, energy, knowledge, experience, money, tools… then Square Metre Gardening is for you!

SPECIFICATIONS: Paperback | 254 x 178 mm / 10 x 7 Inches | Full Colour Photographs | 272 Pages |

Mel Bartholomew is the creator of the Square Foot Gardening System. He is a retired engineer who saw the joys that come with gardening but saw the problems that also came with it. He spent years developing a system that would allow the average person to have the benefit of gardening without the typical headaches. He is an accomplished speaker and has written the best-selling gardening book of all time All New Square Foot Gardening which has now been adapted for Australia and New Zealand to Square Metre Gardening.

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Organic New Zealand, July 2015
“This book will appeal to people who want a very structured approach to gardening – literally.”


Australian Country – December 2013
‘Bringing new meaning to the phrase, it’s hip to be square……’

ustralian country on square meter gardening

ABC South East NSW with Ian Campbell

Mel Bartholomew on ABC South East NSW with Ian Campbell


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