See Hear

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Sometimes the world is so busy that we forget to slow down and notice things. See Hear reminds you to do just that: remember there is magic all around us.

A sequel to the critically-acclaimed Smile Cry, this charming and whimsical story recognises the importance of sensory engagement, a vital factor of child development. In an innovative flip-format, it invites children to pay attention to what their senses are telling them. From spotting shapes in clouds to hearing ‘hot pan sizzles’ as a favourite meal is prepared, experience a sensory adventure and see what magic you might find.

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SPECIFICATIONS: Hardback | 215 x 288 mm / 8 ½ x 11 ¼ Inches  | Colour | 32 Pages|

Tania McCartney is an award-winning author, illustrator, and book and magazine editor. The founder of Kids’ Book Review and the 52-Week Illustration Challenge, she is a long-time juvenile literacy ambassador, and a solid player in the Australian children’s book industry. Her recent books include Australia: Illustrated and Smile Cry, a CBCA Notable Book for 2017. Tania lives in Canberra with her family, a forest of artwork and a mountain of books.

Jess Racklyeft is a children’s book illustrator, card designer and watercolour aficionado who works from a studio located out the back of her house in Melbourne, Australia. Jess was selected for Luerzer’s Archive 200 Best Illustrators of the World 2013/2014.

This innovative flip-format picture book is a sequel to the best-selling and CBCA Notable Book for 2017, Smile Cry. Piglet, Bunny and Cat return in a charming, whimsical sensory adventure that encourages kids to explore the multitude of ways that they can engage with the world around them, particularly via the senses of sight and sound. From watching ‘squiggly rain’ on a window to pointing out ‘heavenly horses’ in the clouds, from hearing ‘buzzing blossoms’ as bees collect pollen and nectar to ‘hot pan sizzles’ as a favourite meal is prepared, See Hear invites us to open our eyes and ears to the everyday magic that surrounds us. Younger kids will respond to the soft whimsical illustrations, while older readers will enjoy the onomatopoeic wordplay. Perfect for ages 3 and upwards, this is a book that will captivate children and parents alike.

My Book Corner
“The delicate, careful use of onomatopoeia is quite poetic. Fabulous phrases are given life  via Jess Racklyeft’s absorbing illustrations..” Click here to read in full.

Just So Stories
“From the dream team that brought you Smile Cry (Crystal Kite Award 2017 and 2017 CBC Notable Book) comes another beautiful and whimsical book for little people. A sensory exploration of the world around us using the senses of sight and hearing is a perfect way to have children calm from their busy day.” Click here to read in full.

In The Good Books
This is a great beginner’s book about the senses.Click here to read in full.

Early Childhood Book Reviews
From watching ‘squiggly rain’ as it hits the window or hearing ‘buzzing blossoms’ as bees collect pollen and nectar I really enjoyed how this story explores all the little, everyday wonderful things around us (that maybe we take for granted). It was nice to talk about this with my kids and ask them things they hear, or see when they’re exploring their surroundings. Click here to read in full.

The Daily Telegraph newspaper article
Small children will love getting halfway through this whimsical picture book and being able to “flip” it around to read a new story … Alliterations such as the “flying feathers” and “buzzing blossoms” and the onomatopoeic narrative really makes this tale of Piglet, Bunny and Cat come to life.” Click here to read in full

Kid’s Book Review review article
“the incredibly clever and innovative sequel to the award-winning picture book Smile Cry.– Click here to read in full.

The Bottom Shelf Edu Blogger blog article
“imagine how it could be used to encourage young writers to bring depth and richness to their words, to explore the world of metaphor and simile, to really look and listen and feel and taste and then share that with their readers. Start by having each contribute a new page for the book, making the common uncommon,; the stereotype original; the banal beautiful. Watch their writing grow! Such riches in an exquisite combination of author and illustrator that goes so far beyond the usual eyes see, ears hear books for this age group.” Click here to read in full.

Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators review article
“…readers will get the most out of this book (a lovely list of sounds and sights, essentially) by using it as a starting point to explore the world around them, and more specifically, the endless ways and words that can be used to describe it.  Click here to read in full.

Ladies In Racing review article
“…innovative flip-format book
.  Click here to read in full.



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