Panzer Commander Hermann Balck (eBook)

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Germany’s Master Tactician

A history of one of the world’s greatest armoured warfare commanders, Hermann Balck (1897–1982). During World War II, he commanded panzer troops brilliantly, and we follow his exciting journey through the fields of France, mountains of Greece and steppes of Russia. It is also the story of a cultured and complex man with a great love of antiquity and classical literature, who nevertheless willingly fought for Hitler’s Third Reich while remaining strangely detached from the horrors around him.

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Stephen Robinson studied Asian history and politics at the University of Western Sydney, graduating with First Class Honours. He has worked at the Department of Veterans’ Affairs researching British atomic weapons tests and as a policy officer in the Department of Defence. He is also an officer in the Australian Army Reserve and has served as an instructor at the Royal Military College. He also graduated from Australian Command and Staff College. His book False Flags: Disguised German Raiders of World War II was published by Exisle in 2016.

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Military History Matters

Local Matters (NZ) 
“If you are interested in military history, then I highly recommend this book.”  Click here to read

Australian Army News
”Anyone with an interest in armoured tactics from the German side will find this book well worth a read”

Daily Telegraph
“(Balck’s) most amazing feat was in December 1942, when he annihilated a Soviet tank corps against overwhelming odds. It was his talent for coping with seemingly impossible odds that saw the US seek out his advice during the cold war and rescued him from complete obscurity. Robinson’s straightforward and easy to understand accounts of the battles really brings them to life.”

Armourer magazine
“This glossy hardback book covers Balck’s WWII exploits as a Panzer commander, fighting in the Balkans, Greece, France and the Eastern Front. It vividly describes his battlefield methodology and how he routinely destroyed much larger forces arranged against him… It’s a cracking read, illustrated throughout”

Military History Now
“Balck’s command of the 11th Panzer Division during the Chir River battles, a series of desperate winter engagements fought in southern Russia during the Stalingrad campaign, firmly established his place in history as a master of armored warfare.” Click here to read in full

Asia Pacific Reporter and Defence Review Asia
“Well researched and written in traditional military style. It is at is best describing the desperate fighting … during the soviet offensive to recapture Stalin”

Australian Defence Magazine
“I think this book will be of great interest to readers keen on military tactics in the land domain.” Click here to read in full.

Casus Belli Podcast
“Panzer Commander is very well structured and informative, providing incredible detail without getting bogged down making it a fascinating and relatively easy read. Something the author does that I found particularly compelling was including excerpts from Herman Balck’s diary in the narrative to provide insight into what the man himself was thinking.” Click here to read more and listen to podcast


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