Our Dog Benji

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We all know that dogs will eat anything. We also know that kids’ tastes generally aren’t so wide-ranging. While ice cream and pizza might be devoured in the blink of an eye, the dreaded ‘green stuff’ (vegetables to the adults) is often pushed to one side of the plate.

Author Pete Carter understands this phenomenon well, as he shows in the adventures of Benji. In delightful duotone illustrations and engaging text, we see how Benji’s willingness to eat anything — from daffodils to brussels sprouts, ice cream to avocados, sandwiches to bones — gradually inspires his child owner to be a little more adventurous at mealtimes. Although dogs and kids do have standards and it seems there’s one thing neither of them will touch!

The perfect book to encourage fussy eaters to try a few more vegetables! Illustrator James Henderson is Pete Carter’s nephew, making this picture book a family affair.

SPECIFICATIONS: Hardback | 217 x 160 mm / 9 x 6 Inches | 32 Pages |

Pete Carter is a writer and photographer, and the author of two previous books of poetry. He lives with his wife and two dogs in Wellington, New Zealand. One of his dogs is the muse for Our Dog Benji; the other hopes to star in Pete’s next book.

James Henderson was never far from a pencil or pen as a child, and at school was infamous for his caricatures of teachers. After studying illustration and design at Massey University, James now works as a freelance illustrator for corporate clients. This is his first picture book.

Suzy & Friends – Our Dog Benji Review

Dogs Victoria
a warm,funny story – Click here to read the piece in full.

A Dog’s Life
“straddles the fine line between offering a subtle message and a sermon and comes out on top” – Click here to view

Educating Young Children
“Our kindy group enjoyed the story and it led to a discussion about the children’s pets and the unusual items they sometimes like to eat”

Aussie Reviews
“Children learn a lot from observing what happens around them, and for the small child, that can often be a pet. There is plenty here – particularly for a quiet observer-child – to support learning and living well. Recommended for early school years.” – Click here to view.

Peninsula Kids Magazine
“The perfect book to encourage fussy eaters to try more vegetables.”  – Click here to view.

Nayu’s Reading Corner
“The almost exploding fridge made me laugh-my cat does that with her food bowl after my family feed her, in the vain hope I won’t think she’s been fed”

Pinerolo Newsletter
“We know that dogs eat anything – or do they? This smaller format picture book will suit small hands as the affectionate illustrations take readers through a warm relationship.”

Midwest Reviews
Our Dog Benji is the perfect picture book to encourage fussy eaters to try a few more vegetables! Certain to be an enduringly popular addition to family, preschool, elementary school, and community library picture book collections”

Woof Magazine
“The perfect book to encourage fussy eaters to try a few more vegetables!”

Buzz Words Books
“A delightful hardcover book, Our Dog Benji is an endearing tale that will appeal to children and adults alike – and to lovers of food, dogs and whimsy.”

The Mummy Project
“Part dog story, part food diary, the book Our Dog Benji outlines all of Benji’s culinary adventures … hilarious”

Kids’ Book Review
“Herein lies the sneaky genius of this simple tale. While children chortle at Benji’s love of crunchy bugs, their subconscious might begin to open up to the fun of trying new flavours…Henderson’s adorable images of this four-legged optimist are the personification of dogness.”

“This is a lovely book to share with any child who might need a bit of encouragement when it comes to eating a wider variety of food … I love the way it shows the sheer fun of being a bit adventurous with your food.”

Jnr Bookworms
“The kids really enjoyed this title, they enjoyed telling me all the different things there dog would eat and laughed throughout the book. All agreed that it’s important to try new foods, but didn’t think they would eat all the things that their dogs eat. Such as dog food, Yuck! There was a unanimous choir that celery is not a very liked food.”

NC Teacher Stuff
Our Dog Benji is a unique way to approach the subject of picky eating. I think you can also read this book and talk about gratitude. Benji is appreciative of what he is given. It’s a sweet story that could lead to a larger discussion about what we can learn from our pets.”

Red Reading Hub
“Adults concerned about fussy eaters especially, will smile at Carter’s tale and hope that perhaps like the small boy protagonist, their charges will try some new foods, perhaps even ‘green stuff’”

In The Good Books
“loved Benji’s antics.”

Hip Little One
“If you have a fussy child who needs a bit of gentle encouragement when it comes to healthy eating here’s a gorgeous read by EK Books to win him or her over”

“”Much like the main character in Our Dog Benji, there might be some things that Benji eats that your children might avoid (like “noisy, dozy and perhaps just a little crunchy” bugs!) but the heartwarming adventures of this hungry dog might help your kids become just a little less fussy at dinnertime too.”

Reading Time
“A simple yet effective story for young children which explores friendship, adventure and fussy eating; all of which are relevant and significant in the lives of children.”

Parents in Touch
“This is the perfect book to share with fussy eaters and hopefully it will encourage them to be a little more adventurous.”

“Carter is spot on when he writes from the perspective of an eternally ravenous hound who runs to the kitchen every morning in case the fridge had exploded overnight … James Henderson’s illustrations are winsome and sweet and the ending will prompt a cheer from little ones.”

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