Mountain Tails

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The lives and loves of my animal neighbours

Sharyn Munro, author of the acclaimed ‘The Woman on the Mountain‘, lives alone on her mountaintop refuge, surrounded by nothing but the Australian bush. As the only human resident, she has developed a keen interest in the lives and loves of her animal neighbours and it is their stories that she shares with us now.

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Sharyn Munro is a freelance writer, award-winning short-story writer, and author of the highly successful The Woman on the Mountain. She lives a self-sufficient lifestyle in a mudbrick cabin on her remote mountain wildlife refuge. Alone but for her often intrusive wildlife neighbours, she is regenerating her property’s vegetation, at a pace dictated by ageing knees. She is also becoming a late-blooming environmental activist, at a pace dictated by concern for her grandchildren’s futures.

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By the acclaimed author of The Woman on the Mountain, this collection of true tales about Sharyn Munro’s wild neighbours will delight her many fans, and introduce her unique voice to many newcomers.

For 30 years Sharyn has shared her mountain-top wildlife refuge with native animals, from quolls to kookaburras, kangaroos to koalas. As her sole companions for the past six years, they have inspired her to capture their goings-on in both words and illustrations; the end result is Mountain Tails.

As she describes what she has discovered about these amazing Australian creatures, she aims to ensure they don’t join the others now lost forever.

Mountain Tails is intimate, humorous and uniquely insightful; come take a walk in Sharyn’s gumboots and experience life on the wild side!

ABC’s Gardening Australia magazine

‘This delightful novel gives a lively and personal account of the animals that share the author’s wildlife refuge.

The book is clearly written and is illustrated with the author’s own whimsical drawings.

Read about romping joeys, quolls in the kitchen and marsupial mice in the bedding pile.

It would be enjoyed by anyone with even a passing interest in the natural world and is the sort of book to while away a winter afternoon.’

The Adelaide Advertiser Magazine

‘You may think your neighbours are eccentric, but Munro’s are animals: spotted quolls, possums, wallabies, koalas, snakes, frogs and echidnas to name a few. She describes them in short, often humorous vignettes of her life on the edge of a national park, 90 minutes from the nearest town. Her style is engaging and informal as if telling stories over a cuppa, and her enthusiasm and concern for the creatures are infectious. The stories are illustrated with her own sketches. Munro ends with a restrained but passionate call for action to protect wildlife. As a reminder she includes a list of species already driven to extinction. A good read.’