Monkey Mind

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Out now in ANZ and UK! Due for release in US/CAN 1st June 2021 – pre-order your copy now.

Piper’s monkey is a happy little creature – until he sees Piper is trying to do something new! Without warning, he becomes horrible and mean and chatters and screams for her attention!

Piper must find a way to control her monkey, to make him stop spoiling all the things she wants to do! That should be easy – right? After all, everyone else has tamed their monkeys!

But what happens when she uses up all the monkey taming suggestions? What will her monkey do then?

A Little Pink Dog Books Publication

Specifications: 9780648256380 | Hardback | 245 x 245mm / 9.5 x 9.5in | 32 Pages | Full Colour

Rebecca J Palmer author/illustrator creates quirky, hand tinted etchings that show happy accidents are part of the creative process! A primary and tertiary teacher, her first picture book on mindfulness for children is supported by The Department of Local Government, Sports and Cultural Industries.


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