Laugh with Health

Your complete guide to health, diet, nutrition and natural foods

Learn how to heal yourself with the food you eat! Laugh with Health is the complete ‘body system’ guide to health and healing. Recommended by medical doctors and naturopaths, Laugh with Health is everyone’s essential reference for living a life of health and wellbeing. completely revised and updated edition.

SPECIFICATIONS: Paperback | 245 x 190 mm | 224 Pages |

Manfred Urs Koch has had a lifelong passion for natural health, and after years of intense research, he has completed the most comprehensive guide to natural health available in this country, Laugh With Health. Every home needs a copy of this book — it’s like having your very own naturopath on your bookshelf!

“If you are looking for the right information about nutrition and natural foods and we all should be, then you need to treat this wonderful book as your bible.”

Dr. John Tickell. M.B. B.S. (2009)

Laugh with Health is the complete ‘body system’ guide to health and healing. Now completely revised and updated, this practical, easy-to-use book includes:

  • unique food charts and vital health hints for everyday use.
  • a detailed explanation of 36 essential vitamins and minerals.
  • food combination charts for improved digestion and health.
  • simple recipe ideas based on a full range of natural foods.
  • specific natural food diets for various common health conditions.

Recommended by medical doctors and naturopaths, Laugh with Health is everyone’s essential reference for living a life of health and wellbeing.

In print for over 25 years, it has been the top-selling Australian health book for the last 10 years. Over 130,000 copies have been sold. This new edition with Exisle has been fully revised, updated and redesigned to give the book a fresh look and a new lease on life!

‘This book, Laugh with Health, gives us the opportunity of understanding the benefits of eating well, eating naturally.’ — Dr John Tickell

‘I will continue to recommend your book to all I know.’ — Steven Ward

“Thorough, insightful, incredibly comprehensive and utterly fascinating, I’m already feeling rejuvenated after diving headlong into Laugh With Health. This is truly a food and health bible every family should own.”

   – Tania McCartney, Australian Women Online

“It might be hard to imagine that what is basically a health encyclopedia would be a book you find hard to put down. But that’s what happened when I started browsing through Laugh With Health, a beautiful glossy colour guide to all things health, nutrition and natural foods.”

– Lynnis Bonanno, The Daily Mercury Weekender

“Laugh with Health has definitely made me revise the way I am eating, with sound, practical information. I would definitely recommend it there’s a good reason this book has been selling solidly for 30 years.”

 – Michelle Cutler, Central Coast Express Advocate


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