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Transform Your Health One Drink at a Time

The complete reference guide to incorporating plant foods into your everyday diet, Juice It! Blend It! will transform your life one drink at a time! In eight chapters, juice enthusiast Lisa Craven outlines the six Ws of juicing: who should juice, what you should put in your juice, where you should juice, when you should juice, why you should juice, and which type of juicer or blender to purchase.

Each chapter combines facts and fun tips with fabulous recipes designed to target specific needs, ranging from afternoon pick-me-ups and immune boosters to stress busters and deep cleansers. In addition, Lisa includes numerous family friendly recipes that will see kids gulping down their veggies without even knowing it!

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SPECIFICATIONS: Paperback | 260 x 210 mm | 144 Pages |

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Lisa Craven is a juice devotee from New York City. She developed her passion for juicing eight years ago when, at a friend’s apartment in New York, she decided she needed a wine-free night and instead tried a green juice. She’s never looked back! Lisa is passionate about wellbeing and keeping life in balance. With over 15 years of experience in Human Resources and Talent, her career focus has always been on keeping employees healthy and well balanced at work. She is a life coach, yoga teacher and a champion for wellness in the workplace. Now resident in Sydney, Australia, she returns regularly to the US.

Wyza, March 2016

Juice It! Blend It! recipe features in WyzaJuice It! Blend It! recipe features in Wyza

Wyza, January 2016

Exisle Publishing Juice it Blend it Wyza Exisle Publishing Wyza Juice it Blend it

PS News Online, December 2015

combines crisp, colourful photographs with facts, tips and an expansive list of guidelines designed to target specific needs”

Exisle Publishing juice it blend it ps news online

Australian Fitness Network, December 2015

“give yourself a pre-emptive health boost by packing more nutrients into your day. And whizzing a whole bunch of fruit and veggies into a drink is a great way to quickly get a massive hit of goodness.

Exisle Publishing Juice it Blend it Australian Fitness Network

Practical Parenting, December 2015

“Ensure your kids (and you) get your five a day in the fastest way possible with tips from Lisa Craven’s book Juice It! Blend It!”

Exisle Publishing Juice it Blend it Practical parenting

The Canberra Weekly, November 2015

“Don’t postpone the summer time porch vibes any longer”

Exisle Publishing Juice it Blend it Lisa Craven Canberra Weekly

New Idea, November 2015

…packed full of great advice on when and what to juice and what to blend. There are recipes for immune boosters, stress busters and deep cleansers. Lisa also includes family style recipes so your kids can reap the benefits too

Exisle Publishing Juice it Blend it New Idea

Mum’s Delivery, November 2015

Exisle Publishing Mum's Delivery Juice it Blend it!

Property and Lifestyle, October 2015

“fun, fab recipes for the whole family”

Exisle Publishing Juice it Blend it Lisa Craven

Good Fruit and Vegetables, October 2015

“Juice It! Blend It! contains advice on when to juice, what to blend and an expansive list of recipes.”

Exisle Juice it Blend It Lisa Craven Good Fruit and Vegetables