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Game On: Glitched eBook

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Due for release September 2023 !

Max is horrified to find that younger brother Liam has learned nothing from their previous adventure. Once again Liam opens an app on Miss McBoob’s phone, and this time the brothers travel through time. Without leaving their town they find themselves in the Stone Age, the Roman Era, the Middle Ages and finally in the age of the dinosaurs! Will they be able to work together to solve the riddles and return to their own time before the battery runs out? Or will that irate mammoth get to them first?

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SPECIFICATIONS: 210mm x 135mm | Paperback | 224 Pages | B& W Illustrations | EK Books | Game On # 2

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Emily Snape is a children’s author and illustrator living in London. Her work has appeared online, on television (for Nickelodeon and the BBC), in shops and even on buses! She loves coffee and notebooks, and has three cheeky children, Leo, Fin and Flo who keep her on her toes and give her lots of inspiration for stories.

Emily loves to mix real life with a twist of fantasy, throwing everyday emotions and events up in the air and allowing us to consider them from another angle. Her previous books include Fergus the Furball, a funny tale for independent readers, and board books for younger readers. These include An Alphabet of Hugs, and Hey! Look at you…On the Move and Hey! Look at you…In the Jungle.

Emily has two sons close in age who often bicker, so when she decided to write a book for 7–11 year olds, she wanted to explore sibling rivalry, with humour and a fast-paced, unpredictable plot.

Warring brothers Max and Liam find themselves trapped in a time-travel game. Can they survive the dangers and solve the riddles without killing each other?  

Gaming-obsessed Max and his infuriating younger brother, Liam, are forced to work together when a new game on Miss McBoob’s mobile phone sucks them into a time-travelling vortex. The ‘Glitched’ app transports the brothers to earlier versions of their home town where they find themselves in the Stone Age, in Roman times, in the Middle Ages and in the age of the dinosaurs. To return to their own time they must solve riddles while dodging woolly mammoths, jousting knights and all manner of bodily fluids, both human and animal!

Author and illustrator Emily Snape’s sons were both reluctant readers, which made her want to write books they could not resist reading! Reading should be a pleasure and it was Emily’s aim to write books that pull you in and hook you from the start. ‘Hopefully, then you can’t help being moved by the characters as they grow and develop. I love comedy in books, but funny books also have to have heart, believable characters, and a great plot that keeps you reading till the very end.’

With a clever mix of realism and fantasy and packed with historically accurate settings, crazy scenarios and gross facts, Game On: Glitched is perfect for reluctant readers, particularly boys.

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