Fit for Birth and Beyond

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A guide for women over 35

Many older women spend months, if not years, trying for motherhood, then endure an anxious pregnancy wondering if they are eating and exercising properly. Fitness expert Suzy Clarkson has been there. Her first pregnancy at the age of 38 was relatively trouble-free, but trying to get pregnant again a few years later was very different. Following fertility treatment, she finally gave birth to her second child at the age of 45.

Qualified in physiotherapy, Suzy has now devised a practical guide to assist older women through their pregnancies, using her own experiences of motherhood to support her text. This easy-to-follow fitness programme will take you through each trimester, showing suitable exercises and suggesting how to develop healthy habits to achieve a safe outcome, a successful childbirth and a speedy recovery afterwards. The book is fully illustrated with step-by-step photographs showing the exercises in detail. The information she provides is based on the latest research, and is endorsed by leading specialists in obstetrics and fertility.

But the book is more than its exercises. Suzy is a ‘real mum’ who offers encouragement and a compassionate helping hand to all older mothers. Fit for Birth and Beyond is the guide you can trust and use with confidence.

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Suzy Clarkson originally qualified as a physiotherapist in 1988. She then went on to an extensive and successful career in broadcasting before becoming a television news presenter for six years. Her book, Healthy Body Healthy Mind, was published in 1997. She has also produced four aerobic videos.

Beauty and Lace – online interview with author Suzy Clarkson – June 2014

‘Suzy Clarkson is a fitness expert who started her family later in life and has a personal understanding of the trials and tribulations of the journey for women over 35. She has written a book called ‘Fit For Birth and Beyond – a guide for women over 35’ which includes details of Suzy’s journey, an exercise regime and a lot of what to expect from pregnancy.

Our interview with Suzy is a little longer than some of our others have been but well worth the read. Make a cuppa and come find out a little more about Suzy and her journey.’

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mums delivery logo   Review May 2014

mums delivery review of fit for birth and beyond

Mums on the Go – May 2014

Fit for Birth and Beyond is more than just exercises. Suzy is a ‘real mum’ who offers encouragement, guidance and compassionate insights to all mothers.

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The Pregnancy Centre – April 2014

The information Suzy provides is based on the latest research, and is endorsed by leading specialists in obstetrics and fertility, with Obstetrician Dr Derek Souter FRCOG., describing Fit for Birth and Beyond as ‘Excellent’ and ‘likely to become the defining book of exercise in pregnancy.’

The pregnancy centre reviews fit for birth and beyondpregnancy centre reviews fit for birth and beyond april 2014

Practical Parenting – March 2014

‘PREGNANT AND OVER 35? if you want to get your body ready for the months ahead, Suzy Clarkson’s Fit For Birth and Beyond: The Guide for Women Over 35 (ExislePublishing, $29.99) is a handy read to have around. It’s packed full of exercises and tips for each trimester to prepare you for labour and life with a little one.’

Working Women Magazine – March 2014

working women magazine fit for birth and beyond suzy clarkson

Channel Nine – Afternoon News  – 27 March 2014

‘Taking on motherhood later in life is becoming more and more common and now a new book is tackling this trend and showing older mothers-to-be how to stay fit.’

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channel 9 afternoon news 27 march 2014 fit for birth and beyond

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