Fishing Season

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Take a journey through a Fishing Season, a year full of challenges and victories, disappointments and frustrations, but most of all, quiet happiness. Philip’s prose is lucid, and his reflection on the sport he loves is engaging. Avid anglers will find plenty to love in Fishing Season, but this is a book that also appeals to a wider audience, opening the door to a world few of us experience.

Lively, entertaining anecdotes, whether lovingly remembered or wryly bemoaned, will have you itching to pick up a rod and undertake your own adventure. A professional flyfishing guide and writer, Philip’s years of experience and time on the water have been sorted through and summarised in Fishing Season. What results is the most exciting book on this topic in many years.

Fishing Season is a gorgeous production and would make an excellent gift.

SPECIFICATIONS: Hardback, Cased with Jacket | 195 x 135 mm / 7 ½ x 5 ¼ Inches | 196 Pages | 

Philip Weigall is a flyfishing guide and instructor; he fishes and travels as often as he can. Philip has been writing regularly on all things flyfishing for twenty years and is presently a columnist and feature writer for Freshwater Fishing magazine, and editor of Flyfisher magazine. Fishing Season is his sixth book. Visit his website for more on Philip.

Neil Grose, Fishing Monthly

“Philip is able to effortlessly capture the spirit and life of his extensive flyfishing experience – he educates us in the more ephemeral aspects of this past time rather than telling us what to tie on and where. Weigall proves that the journey is always far more valuable than the destination. You will no doubt learn much about fishing from these pages, but you will also learn to question and reflect upon your own fishing.  I certainly believe that is where the real strength of Weigall’s writing lies – it isn’t a brag-fest of what he has done or what he has caught, it is a deliberate contemplation of his experiences reflected in a manner which encourages our own reflection…..I highly recommend to every reader.”

Tim Hunter, Sunday Star Times
“It’s an effortless read and will reward fly fishers of all stripes.”

Newcastle Herald, March 2012
“If you’re a fly-fisher, Weigall puts you back on the water. If you’re not, maybe he’ll inspire you.”

Julian Watson, Illawarra Flyfishers
“Ahhh. It’s always nice to sit down and crack open a new fly book by a well known Australian flyfishing writer and Philip Weigall’s Fishing Sense is no exception. A lovely mix of anecdote and teachings, this book feels as if Phil has taken an opportunity to write not just on tips and techniques but to let us in on some of his favourite fishing places and trips, events that stand out for more than just fish. Of course there are more than enough tales of fish, large fish and lost fish, all told in a way that makes you feel you might be with Phil sharing a counter meal in a country pub or nestling a mug of your favourite around the campfire above a summer stream.”


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