First Among Equals

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Australia’s Prime Ministers from Barton to Turnbull

Since Federation in 1901, 28 men and one woman have served in the position of Australian prime minister. From Barton to Turnbull, they are the leaders who have helped forge Australia’s national identity. Some have had the position thrust upon them. Some have plotted and schemed their way to the top. Four have served more than once. Three have died in office. Seven have been unceremoniously dumped by their own party. This small-format reference book tells the story of each of these prime ministers, setting their actions in the context of their time. In today’s world of quick-fire politics, it also looks to the future, and to how the public’s perception of politics and its leaders is changing in this era of instant communication and social media scrutiny.

SPECIFICATIONS: Hardcover | 203 mm x 127 mm | 29 Black & White Photographs |

Kim Wildman is a journalist and photographer.

Derry Hogue is the former foreign editor for the Australian Financial Review.

PS News, June 2016

“Smartly written to hold attention, especially for those who are not politically savvy” 

First Among Equals reviewed by PS News

Courier Mail, March 2016

“The stories of of Australia’s leaders are fascinating… Verdict: Gets my vote.” 

First Among Equals gets reviewed.

Q Magazine, March 2016

“Peppered with fascinating facts and written with a wit that will hold the attention of the less politically engaged, First Among Equals is an essential reference book that covers the 28 men and one woman who have served in the position of Australian prime minister since Federation.”

Q Magazine Reviews First Among Equals

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