Facing Age

A practical guide for families 
‘How can we help our parents as they grow old, and what about our own retirement?’ As the population ages, increasing numbers of people are facing difficult questions about ageing, retirement, death and its aftermath. Many find it difficult to absorb and understand the detailed information required in order to make sensible decisions for their parents and for themselves. Nancye Bourke presents all the information you need in this clear and practical self-help guide.
Community and health support systems in Australia and New Zealand are well established to assist the ageing person and their family as they move through the active retirement years to the point where failing health requires increasing support. Facing Age describes the systems available to support ageing, death and its aftermath. Among the issues covered are how assessment works, the provision of assistance in the home, hospitalisation, the problems of disability and abuse and remaining mentally healthy. Death creates a new set of questions as funerals must be arranged and estates settled.
These days families are often widely scattered, possibly with a range of values and beliefs as well, so it is especially important that good communication and mutual respect are maintained. Nancye Bourke offers excellent advice to family members in such situations and emphasises the importance of understanding the special emotions of absence and grief that surface at times of crisis and loss.
Facing Age concludes with a comprehensive list of useful addresses and contact details.
SPECIFICATIONS: Paperback | 234 mm x 153 mm | 224 Pages |

Nancye Bourke worked as an occupational therapist for thirty years in Canada, England and New Zealand, and has been involved in the development of modern professional services for older people. Subsequently she became a retirement planning facilitator with a large corporation, trained as a telephone counsellor and worked as a volunteer for a national organisation. She now lives in Auckland runs a small family business with her husband.


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