ISBN: 978064896462

Ella and Star

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Out now in Australia and New Zealand! UK/US Due for Release 2024

Bonny has the most special friend in the whole world! Someone who understands her sensory issues and is so much fun! But when Ella moves away, Bonny isn’t sure what life will be like now. Will she ever have another friend like Ella? With the help of some unexpected friends, Bonny finds hope and someone who will be with her on many new and wonderful adventures! A beautiful story that helps children navigate loss, being different and encourages them to have hope and step outside of any disability.

Specifications :Hardcover | 245x 245mm | 32  Full Colour pages | Little Pink Dog Books


A Little Pink Dog Books Publication


Author: Michelle is a freelance writer, editor and children’s book author. She loves nature and storytelling, and in particular, her writing aims to bring awareness to diverse and underrepresented groups, promote the efforts for climate action, and to support literacy for all children. Michelle is a passionate member of the kidlit community, a committee member of Creative Kids Tales, and writes book reviews for Writing NSW, Walker Books and more.

Illustrator: Nichole has been passionate about children’s books ever since she can remember. Often sneaking favorites like Frog and Toad into bed and night and reading them over and over.  She has lived an entire life before finally going back to her first love of storytelling and creating illustrations to share with children of all ages. “I spend a lot of time in my studio, but true inspiration comes to me outside.” Often taking long breaks to soak in the sunshine, listen to the birds and feel the soft fur of her miniature ponies is how she regains focus and makes art that is sweet and relatable and endearing. Using traditional watercolor techniques and her version of cut and layered piecing is what appeals to her most. Self-taught and determined to get it just right, she describes herself as a slow artist—making sure every detail is the way it should be.

Bonny has the most special friend in the whole world! Someone who accepts her just as she is with her sensory issues.

Together they always have so much fun! But one day Ella has to move away and Bonny is left feeling very empty and lost. What will she do now? Will she ever find another friend like Ella? Will she ever be able to do the things she has always wanted to do?

With a bit of magic and some unexpected friends finding her along the way, Bonny realizes that there is always hope. She finds that special someone who will help her step outside of her comfort zone and walk with her everywhere she goes!

This beautiful and tender story will help children navigate loss and to encourage those with special needs that they are not alone and that they can do new things too. This story is full of encouragement and we hope that it will help any child know they can do new things—even if it feels hard.

We know so many children will see themselves in these pages and say “that is just like me!”