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Eight Hundred Heroes: China’s Lost Battalion and the Fall of Shanghai eBook

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From acclaimed historian Stephen Robinson comes an account of a battle which has taken on mythic dimensions in Chinese and international military history. From 26th October to 1st November 1937, the ‘800 Heroes’ defended Sihang Warehouse from wave after wave of Japanese assaults. This is the exciting story of the Battle of Sihang Warehouse told as never before, bringing together Chinese and western accounts for the first time to create a thorough and compelling depiction of the legendary battle.

SPECIFICATIONS:   eBook | 304 Pages | B & W Photographs & Maps

Stephen Robinson studied Asian history and politics at the University of Western Sydney, graduating with First Class Honours. He has worked at the Department of Veterans’ Affairs researching British atomic weapons tests and as a policy officer in the Department of Defence. Stephen has graduated from Australian Command and Staff College, worked as an officer in the Australian Army Reserve and has served as an instructor at the Royal Military College.

Acclaimed historian Stephen Robinson brings to life a legendary last stand in a revelatory new account of the Defense of Sihang Warehouse.Shanghai 1937. With invading Japanese troops poised to capture one of the world’s greatest cities after almost three months of brutal urban warfare, the Chinese Army begins to retreat – except for a single battalion that stays to fight. These ‘Eight Hundred Heroes’ defended Sihang Warehouse, a six-storey concrete building and natural fortress, from wave after wave of Japanese assaults.The incredible battle waged for five long days. Thousands of spectators looked on from the relative safety of the British Concession inside Shanghai’s International Settlement. Western journalists with front row seats to the spectacle spread the story across the globe as the plight of the heroes captured the sympathy of the world. Their valour raised Chinese morale, as did the actions of the heroine Yang Huimin, a Girl Guide who delivered a Chinese flag to the defenders that flew over Sihang Warehouse as a beacon of hope.Eight Hundred Heroes is a thorough depiction of this legendary battle, for the first time bringing together first-hand accounts of the Chinese participants and the observations of Western witnesses. It explores how this incredible feat of heroism became an enduring myth that helped define modern China.

Military Books Australia
“To understand a country, we must understand its history. Books such as this help us turn our focus away from the history of European cultures to the history of the diverse cultures within our region. Click here to read in full

Jim Sullivan, Otago Daily Times
“Robinson provides a succinct account of the Chinese defence of the Sihang warehouse, (that) has emerged a legend which has survived China’s postwar upheavals. The book gives us all of this as well as the poignancy of the later lives of those who created the legend.

The chapters covering the books, poetry, songs and films which continue to mark the events of the Sihang warehouse provide a blueprint for the way legends are made and how they take on a greater importance than the actual events which gave birth to them.”

Royal United Services Institute, Victoria.
“Overall, this book, which is well researched and attractively presented, gives a good insight into the tangled threads of the military and ideological conflicts in China between the fall of Imperial rule in China just before World War I and the rise to power of the Communists after the defeat of Japan by the Western allies in 1945. It will be of interest to any student of Chinese political and diplomatic developments in the years between the Great Depression of 1929-1935 and the ascension to power of Mao Zedong, with Russian support, in the aftermath of World War I.” Click here to read inf full 

David Hill, author and recent Prime Minister’s Award for Literary Achievement recipient (2021).
“I found it an illuminating story of something I knew vertically nothing about. I think Stephen Robinson makes an excellent job of the details. He is an excellent stylist and has an excellent mixture of the close up and the overview. Stephen Robinson makes a very thorough job of tracing events right up into 2017 and the political and emotional repercussions going on even then This book deals for the siege which takes up about the first half of the book, but with the many, many repercussions.”

The Listening Post (RSL WA) Magazine
“This gripping account by historian, Stephen Robinson, tells of China’s legendary last stand against the Japanese in Shanghai in 1937. A must-read for every Australian who ever wondered about the forces that helped shape the most powerful nation in our region.”

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