The Right Word: Making sense of the words that confuse (eBook)

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An easy-to-use reference guide to the words that most commonly confuse people in written English. Written by a teacher and journalist with years of experience in effective writing and communication.

‘Affect’ or ‘effect’? ‘Right’, ‘write’ or ‘rite’? ‘Soul’ or ‘sole’? ‘Pawn’ or ‘porn’? English can certainly be a confusing language, whether you’re a native speaker or learning it as a second language. This is the essential reference to help people master its subtleties and avoid making mistakes.  Entries are organised alphabetically, with meanings and examples (including colloquial ones) being given to facilitate correct use. The book then looks at words that often confuse — childish vs. childlike, incredible vs. incredulous, for example — before providing a list of commonly misspelled words. It’s a book that deserves a place on every bookshelf: at home, in the study and at the office.

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Elizabeth Morrison has a BA DipEd (Dist) from the University of Newcastle. She started as a History teacher in the School of General Studies, TAFE NSW — Hunter Institute in 1973, progressing to Head Teacher and Senior Head Teacher of Humanities and later Head of Branch, School of General Studies, Newcastle Technical College in 1987. A freelance journalist for many years, Elizabeth also taught Professional and Media Writing in the School of Communications, Charles Sturt University, Bathurst. In addition to writing many articles, Elizabeth has written the text for five photographic books on Newcastle. 

Liying Taylor, Accountant
“As a former Chinese student studying in Australia for the first time, there were a number of hurdles to overcome in order to succeed in my studies.  The English language can be very confusing with its multiple meanings for similar sounding words being the greatest point of confusion.  “The Right Word” is certainly a valuable tool in mastering the English language and a must have companion when writing for formal or academic assignments.  I highly recommend this book to anybody wanting to improve their level of professionalism in English both written and spoken.”

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