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Game On: Critters

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Due for Release Septemeber 2024

Gaming-obsessed brothers Max and Liam are back, and they’re in for another adventure of CATASTROPHIC proportions. It all goes wrong when a rogue app transforms them from human boys into fleas, and it only gets worse from there. The speed a cheetah can run and the acidity of pigeon poo have never been more important. A laugh out loud, fast-paced adventure full of comic-style illustrations that bring the action to life and will absorb even the most reluctant of readers.

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SPECIFICATIONS: 210mm x 135mm | Paperback | 216 Pages | B& W Illustrations | EK Books | Game On # 3

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Get ready for mayhem and pigeon poo in the latest instalment in the Game On series, a fast-paced adventure featuring rogue technology, warring siblings, and disasters of CAT-ASTROPHIC proportions.

Max’s summer holidays are going decidedly NOT to plan. It’s bad enough he has to deal with his infuriating younger brother Liam, but now his mum’s new boyfriend is always around, along with his EVIL son Josh. It seems like things can’t possibly get any worse…

Then Miss McBoob’s phone strikes again, an app transforms Max and Liam from human boys into fleas, and everything goes downhill from there. The brothers are forced to work together to try to beat the app as it serves up impossible questions. Would they rather climb trees like a squirrel or breathe under water like a goldfish? And which option will help them survive until the next round?

Chaos ensues as the reluctant sidekicks race to return to human form before time runs out. Full of awesome facts, laugh out loud situations and comic-style illustrations that bring the action to life, this gaming-inspired adventure is perfect for reluctant readers.

Emily Snape is a children’s author and illustrator living in London. Her work has appeared online, on television, in shops and even on buses! She loves coffee and notebooks, and has three cheeky children, Leo, Fin and Flo who keep her on her toes and give her lots of inspiration for stories.

Emily’s other books include the ‘Game On’ titles Shrinkle and Glitched (both with EK Books), as well as Fergus the Furball (Raven) and A Little Monster’s Guide to Mindfulness (Hachette).

You can find out Emily’s latest publishing news on Instagram at emily_snape_illustrator.

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Shortlisted: 2024 Speech Pathology Australia – Book of the Year Awards | 2024 Wilderness Society – Environment Awards for Children’s Literature

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