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Cats Work Like This (eBook)

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Cats Work Like This was started by David St John Thomas in his 80th year and has been finished by his son Gareth. It gives a rare insight into the workings of cats’ elusive minds, gleaned from the authors’ two generations of watching their cats work. Learn about political and ‘eco’ cats, what cats do while you sleep, and what a cat’s eyes can tell you. Focusing on attention, emotion, manipulation and cunning, it explores both the scientific nature and daily habits of these puzzling creatures.


SPECIFICATIONS:   eBook |176 Pages | Colour photographs |

Where a Cat Sits

While your cat is likely to love being in your home and around you, she also wants her own privacy for grooming and sleeping without being disturbed. Unlike many people in households, your cat specifically choses to live with you, and it will be wise to remember this







What Your Cat Thinks of You

Food provider or issuer? Surrogate mother cat and dominant boss of the house? Boss of the garden? Rule breaker or maker? Amazing hunter or hopeless kitten? Playmate or treacherous lover.







Cats Toys

Cats will determine what their toys are, whether you issue them or not, and their choices include boxes, saucepans, newspapers, little balls and anything that can be batted around, and particularly items that are responsive to light.

David St John Thomas was a British publisher who founded David & Charles in the UK and USA, and Writers News Magazine. David wrote over thirty books including For the Love of a Cat.

David’s son, Gareth St John Thomas, is the founder and CEO of Exisle Publishing, based in Australia and New Zealand. He has been working with books since he was 11 years old, starting out by helping his dad. Gareth has written other adult and children’s books including Finding True Connections and Grandpa’s Noises.

Motorhomes, Caravans and Destinations magazine. July issue. 
Cats Work Like This is a funny romp through the fundamentals of cat behaviour and motivation, offering insight into how they get what they want from us, their human slaves…sorry, owners.

Magpies Magazine
“Those who wish to learn more about their cat’s behaviour will enjoy this book’s insights”

ABC Wide Bay – With Rick Whittle
“If want to know anything about cats, this is the book for you. Nice stories, serious stories, funny stories and some beautiful photographs as well” Click here to listen

ABC Brisbane Evenings
“What is going on in the minds and hearts and cats? Cats Work Like This will tell you all their secrets”. Listen here

Crafty Green Poet
“This is a short, attractively produced book that would make a perfect gift for any cat lover”

Manawatu Guardian

If your mum loves cats and she’s hard to buy for, this book could be your solution.
If anything, it will be a conversation starter as everyone has an opinion on cats.

ABC Perth Breakfast with Tom Baddeley
“Find out what your cat is really thinking.”

4BC Afternoon with Rob McKnight

“Informs you on all the cool and quirky things you have ever wanted to know about your cat”. Listen here

NZ Booklovers

David and Gareth St John Thomas bring together a wealth of knowledge and experience in writing about our four legged feline friends. Capturing the elusiveness of the animals that both draw us and frustrate us, they are able to warm the deepest cockles of the heart with a huge selection of photos of gorgeous cats. There was something new in every chapter for a long term cat owner, something that helped to understand the little critters just a little more than before. It’s been a while since a cat book was able to do that, and therefore there is a strong sense of gratitude!”

North and South magazine
“Is a rich repository of all things catty.”

3AW Evenings with Denis Walters
“A good read if you want to find out more about what is in the mind of a cat”.  Listen here

5AA with Angie McBride
“The book is just really lovely, it is fun with some great thoughts in there”. Listen here

Paul Little
There are heroic cats from history, such as Winston Churchill’s support cat, Nelson. And there are pertinent quotations, such as Michel de Montaigne’s “When I play with my cat, who knows if I am not more of a pastime to her than she is to me?”.

ABC Melbourne Afternoons with Jacinta Parsons 

“A fascinating book” Listen here

The Senior 

Cats Work Like This, by David St John Thomas and Gareth St John Thomas (Exisle) is a must-have, tongue-in-cheek guide to what makes our moggies tick” Click here to read.

David Boles, YouTube Reviewer
“The pictures in the book are really quite engaging.”
“This is a wonderful book.”
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