Buster Follows His Nose

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A story demonstrating the loyalty of a blind and faithful old sheepdog named Buster, who is always diligent in his duty of guarding and protecting Tilly, the youngest and most vulnerable member of the family when she becomes lost in the Australian bush. By following his nose Buster can easily lead Tilly home, but he can’t make her understand what he wants. He stays with Tilly and looks after her all through the night, keeping her warm and warning wild dingoes to stay away until the search party of family and friends, alerted by Buster’s barking, eventually find them in the early morning mist.

SPECIFICATIONS: 9780648964070 | Hardcover |245 x 245mm  | 32 Pages | Full Colour | Little Pink Dog Books


A Little Pink Dog Books Publication

Paula’s love of literature grew from her years of study at Sydney University and The University of New England. She taught high school English for many years then ventured into creative writing, completing a number of courses with writers, Glenda Adams, Sue Woolfe and Inga Simpson. She wrote for some years for adults and was awarded a number of prizes. She began writing stories as a freelance journalist and contributed to many regional magazines, such as RM Williams Outback. After completing a course with The Australian Writers Centre and Cathy Tasker, she focussed on the art of writing picture books.

Jenny illustrates people in a realistic style, and also does fun looser styles for younger kids. Her 20 books with Hardie Grant Egmont and Hachette have been translated into languages as diverse as Finnish, Spanish and Thai. She has done it all — flap books for 2-year-olds, fairies, frogs, dragons, outback adventures, and intricate puzzle maze books for middle grade readers. A love of anatomy underpins her characters. Her inspirations include Arthur Rackham and Lisbeth Zwerger.