Big Boss

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 Available now in ANZ release date for UK/US July 2022

A sleeping boy dreams about scary monsters, but he’s not frightened of them, as he’s the boss and the monsters must obey him. He orders them not to scare children anymore and to dance and to smile big monster smiles. They continue to do as they’re told as they’re terrified of the boy who is the big boss. In the morning, however, his mother proves to be the Big Boss!

SPECIFICATIONS: 9780648964063| 245mm x 245mm | Hardcover | 32 pages | Full Colour | Little Pink Dog Books


A Little Pink Dog Books Publication

Dianne (Di) Bates, BA Dip Teaching, has published 130+ books mostly for young readers. Some have won national and state literary awards including two Australian children’s book choice awards (KOALA and WAYRBA). Some of her books have sold overseas and in translation.  Di has received Grants and Fellowships from the Literature Board of the Australia Council and has toured for the National Book Council.

Di has undertaken commissioned writing for many organisations and has worked on the editorial team of the NSW Department of Education School Magazine. She was co-editor of a national children’s magazine, Puffinalia (Penguin Books) and editor of another national children’s magazine, Little Ears.

In 2008, Di was awarded The Lady Cutler Award for distinguished services to children’s Literature.  In 2014, she founded the Australian Children’s Poetry blog 

Currently Di edits Buzz Words (All the Buzz about Children’s Books), a fortnightly online magazine she founded in 2006 for those in the Australian children’s book industry.   Di lives near Wollongong, NSW, Australia, with her prize-winning YA author husband, Bill Condon.



Being an only child, Patricia spent much of her time living in her imagination, bringing it to life through drawing and illustration. She loves exploring colour and playing with positive and negative spaces. Her work is vibrant and whimsical, with an underlying sense of a narrative. Patricia believes every illustration should tell a story, whether it is accompanied by text or not.

This will be Trish’s second children’s picture book with Little Pink Dog Books – the first being The Glint of Gold. Trish’s next book with Little Pink Dog Books will be Monet Chases the Light, written by Jenny Gahan and to be published in late 2023.



As a small boy goes to bed, he checks his bedroom for monsters like Heeby Jeeby, Creepy Critter and the Toe Taster. He looks under his bed, in his cupboard, behind the curtains. Satisfied they are not there he jumps into bed with his teddy bear. Before saying goodnight to his babysitter, she reads him a story about a boy just like him who tames monsters. ‘I want to be a Big Boss, just like Max in the story,’ the boy whispers. In his sleep the monsters appear, but they can’t scare the boy as he knows they’re not real. The monsters do as they’re told by the boy who is the big boss. They jiggle and jive with the boy, just like Max in the story his babysitter read. They wiggle their big bottoms and jiggle their jelly bellies, and beat their hairy chests. They howl and yodel and make lots of noise. But just who is the boss? The boy? Or the monsters? And in the morning, before school, we finally find out who is the real Big Boss!

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A Little Pink Dog Books Publication

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Putting Daddy to bed can be hard work. Especially when he starts crying!

This story will show you how to wrestle your daddy into his pyjamas and read just one more bedtime story. ‘I’m thirrrrrrrrssssssty,’ says Daddy. ‘I need to poop … I’m hungry … But I’ll miss you,’ he says, while he looks at you with cutie eyes. You’ll have to battle the bedtime excuses and use go-away monster spray until Daddy finally goes to sleep.

Bedtime can be a mission for many, but with these gorgeous illustrations of a little bear and his dad, this is the perfect role-reversal bedtime story to help put any fussy child to bed in a fun and positive way. Full of heart and humour, Bedtime, Daddy! is for anyone who wants to try and put a grown-up to bed.

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Specifications: 9781925820386 | Hardback | 245 x 255 mm / 9.5 x 10 inches | 32 pages | Colour

Go Away, Worry Monster!

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Worry Monster loves ‘helping’ Archie worry, especially the night before he starts his new school. Archie feels so anxious that his head hurts, his tummy flutters and his heart pounds. He soon realises that the only way to feel better is to make Worry Monster go away. He does his belly breaths and challenges his inner fears by facing facts. Go Away, Worry Monster!  gives children useful strategies to cope with their anxieties and stress, showing them how to make their own Worry Monsters leave.

Shortlisted for the Children’s Book Council of Australia Award for New Illustrator of the Year 2021

CBCA Judge’s Critique: ‘rich and textured drawings support the minimal text and create a colourful worry monster; a quirky version of a dragon with a sock on its head…. [The] illustrations are confident and well considered and will help readers relate to this story.’

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Specifications:  Hardback | 245 x 255mm / 9.5 x 10in | 32 Pages | Colour