Better Living With IBS

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Structured in a clear, easy-to-use workbook format, with lots of practical exercises, ‘Better Living with IBS’ is your guide to living a happier, richer, more fulfilling life. The step-by-step program, based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), will give you the mental tools to deal effectively with your IBS symptoms. Instead of constantly fighting your symptoms, this approach will teach you how to step away from the struggle, and in so doing, substantially reduce their impact.

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Nuno Ferreira is a qualified clinical psychologist who has worked with several services in Portugal and in the United Kingdom. He spent two years as a research associate at the University of Edinburgh, investigating basic emotions. He has completed a PhD by research at the University of Edinburgh, pursuing his interest in the application of evidence-based psychological models for the management of IBS.

David T. Gillanders is a chartered clinical psychologist and academic director for the doctoral programme in Clinical Psychology at the University of Edinburgh. He combines teaching, training, research and clinical work, and has interests in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, particularly as it applies to helping people to live successfully with chronic physical health problems. David has also served on the committees of professional organisations in the UK and internationally to promote psychological approaches in mental and physical health care, and was formerly a member of the Psychology Advisory Committee to the Chief Medical Officer of the Scottish Government Health Department. He has presented symposia and workshops at conferences in the UK, Holland, Italy and the US.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS, is one of the most common illnesses in the world, affecting approximately 20 per cent of the population. Medical treatments are only moderately effective at treating the symptoms and no cure has yet been reported. Most experts now agree that the present focus in IBS should be on improving the patient’s quality of life, which is exactly what Better Living with IBS sets out to achieve.  If you have ever suffered from IBS then you will know how IBS sufferers feel. They shy away from public places, they stop participating in activities, they feel anxious, sadness and frustration that they are missing out on life. IBS sufferers in order to avoid stressful situations, give up the things that matter most.

Better Living With IBS provides sufferers with a fully comprehensive program to managing their IBS based on the highly respected psychological approach known as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), it focuses on helping the patient live a more vital, fulfilling life. The ACT approach proposes that most of the suffering experienced by IBS patients comes from the feeling of missing out on valued life activities and from over-focusing or trying to get rid of IBS experiences such as symptoms, negative thoughts or emotions. ACT offers an alternative solution of simply accepting them. If unwanted experiences caused by IBS are accepted and not struggled with, then the person will have more time, energy and willingness to engage in activities that really matter in life.

The book is structured in a simple, user-friendly workbook format, and includes numerous practical exercises, that can be adjusted to suit everyone’s personal style,to help the reader implement the approach effectively in their own life.

“Recommended for both IBS patients and those involved in the care and treatment of IBS sufferers: clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, counselors and general practitioners.”


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