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Australia. Big. Beautiful. Diverse. From the First People to washing lines and crocodiles, football and sunshine, koalas and akubras, skyscrapers and beaches that squeak, this 96-page picture book is a glorious tribute to this wide brown land and its rich and varied multicultural communities.

Vibrantly illustrated with watercolour, ink and mono-printing, Australia: Illustrated not only celebrates the more ‘typical’ Australian flora, fauna and landmarks, it also showcases the everyday quirks and idiosyncrasies that make Australia unique: the many types of rain, Greek street food, Sydney ferries, cattle breeds, the plants of the Daintree. Even the quokka selfie epidemic is featured!

Divided into Australia-wide entries as well as state and territory specific elements, readers will learn more about the endemic plants, animals, foods, landmarks, sports and oddities that make the regions around Australia special.

Whimsical, humorous, high in detail, and guaranteed to delight both children and adults, this is a portrait of Australia like you’ve never seen it before. Grab your snorkel. Let’s dive in!

SPECIFICATIONS: Hardcover | 280 x 245 mm / 11 x 9½ Inches | 100 Colour Illustrations | 96 Pages | 

Tania McCartney is an award-winning author, illustrator and experienced book and magazine editor, who has been writing professionally for almost 30 years. She is the founder of Kids’ Book Review, the number one kidlit site on the web, and the hugely successful 52-Week Illustration Challenge. A juvenile literacy advocate, Tania is an ambassador for the Chief Minister’s Reading Challenge and other literacy initiatives. Her books include the bestselling An Aussie YearAustralia Illustrated and Smile Cry, which was a Notable Book in the CBCA Book of the Year Awards 2017. Tania has lived in Paris, London and Beijing, and currently lives in Canberra with her family and a rather large mountain of books.

Educate Empower
“amazingly illustrated picture book … learn about famous Australians, the type of weather, iconic buildings … explore endangered and endemic animals, local food and hidden bush tracks”

Tell Tales to Me
“This book is like a coffee table book for everyone – not just for kids…Old and young will both love it and it will also make a great information book for overseas relatives and friends.”

Peninsula Kids
“showcases (Australia’s) everyday quirks and idiosyncrasies”

SCAN Magazine
“In a myriad of symbolic pictures, a range of iconic symbols represents all things Australian… the text provides opportunities for students to explore multiple layers of meaning”

Reading Time Online
“This book is a festive visual celebration, containing marvellous snippets of our beautiful land. Although her first illustrated book, McCartney has a knack for encapsulating a glorious amount of detail and design to take us on this wonderful journey around the country. My kids and I loved exploring each State in Australia; from spotting familiar sites to discovering new mysteries of the unknown, and giggling along at the cute and quirky nuances.”

“Tania McCartney has showcased an impressive array of attributes that make us unique, which also makes this book an ideal gift for tourists and to send overseas as well. Highly recommended for ages 3 and up.”

The Local Look
“with over 1200 individually hand drawn illustrations, plus mono printing, digital art, filters patterns and more … such great talent.”

Childs Magazine
“Explore Australia with your little one through this beautifully illustrated book covering everything from native Australian animals, Aussie icons and slang words, to multiculturalism, signature foods and all the things that make each state unique.”

Sunday Telegraph
“dares the reader not to start at the beginning. Every page turn is a surprise and opening at random is an exciting way to experience this smorgasbord of words and pictures.”

The Book Chook
“… visual tribute to Australia. Inside you’ll find snippets and tidbits of Australian features, from ferries to fanciful place names, from ferns to flavours of gelato. All readers are sure to appreciate McCartney’s enthusiasm for our rich and varied cultural heritage, and youngsters will giggle over the visual metaphors and quirky details.”

In The Good Books
“Tania has captured the idiosyncrasies and diversity of our country perfectly. Each page tells its own story – there’s food, festivals, beaches and more to explore! I would highly recommend this book as it truly is a visual feast that readers of any age will appreciate.”

School Days
“We love the illustrations in this book with it’s quirky way of showcasing an abridged version of iconic landmarks, beaches, skyscrapers, flora and fauna, products unique to each state and territory.. A fun book to have in your home or school library”

Unity Words
“Tania McCartney has created a book that inspires discussions in the readers – big and little. As you open to the first page you are met with words describing Australia – big, beautiful and diverse. I can tell you that this is a good description also of this book; it’s content and the beautiful illustrations.”

My Book Corner
“the love for Australia beams out from every page.”

“A small slice of Australia but a very detailed and fascinating look at this unique country. Simple but so informative and such fun to dip into often, with quirky, delightful illustrations. Highly recommended.”

ABC Brisbane
“timeless..very collectable…real humour and heart in the illustrations”

Sydney Morning Herald
“a beautifully-drawn, 96-page exploration of our nation and the differences between cultures in each state and territory.”

5 Things I Know About
Tania’s ‘Australia: Illustrated‘ is a visual tribute to Australia that will have children and adults mesmerised.”

New Idea
“Rarely have I been so blown away by a book’s design that I have actually stroked the pages – but I love Australia: Illustrated … This should be under every Christmas Tree!”

Boomerang Books Blog
“with enough iconic charm to make both Banjo Paterson and Con the Fruiterer feel at home, her first self-illustrated picture book, Australia: Illustrated delivers a (very satisfying) slice of all things Aussie to an audience who might still remember what a frog cake is as well as those young enough to regard the Wheel of Brisbane as their first Ferris wheel ride.”

Kid’s Book Review
“Australia Illustrated is the kind of book I loved as a child. So many details to notice and enjoy. Each double page spread has so much to see and think about. The illustrations capture the imagination and present Australia as the diverse, interesting, quirky, and beautiful land we know it to be.” –
Read the full review here.

The Bottom Shelf
“Big, beautiful, and diverse” are the words McCartney uses to describe Australia, and they are the very words that could describe this book.  It is big and it is fat (criteria important to some of our junior readers); it is beautiful with colour, iconic illustrations and few words; and it’s diverse with its focus on a range of topics that don’t usually feature in these sorts of texts.  Each page is a vibrant explosion of colour and movement that celebrate our places and people in quirky ways.”

Huntingdon School, Years 4-6
They were enthralled with what would be in each state and loved sharing if they had been to a particular location. They thought the illustrations captured Australia’s humour and things important to us.Aaron, age 11 gave it 5 stars he said
“this is a really good book it was fun looking at it with my mum and dad we had fun reading it” he liked everything about it, his favourite part was “all of it”

Culture Chest, September 2016
Culture Chest have done a terrific Author spotlight on Tania McCartney in the lead up to her latest title Australia: Illustrated. The spotlight sheds much insight on Tania’s creative process and background, and is great read for not only authors and illustrators, but all creatives. Find the Author Spotlight here.

“Wow, there’s so much in this book, in text and illustrations. It’s a tribute to Australia, its people, its animals, plants and lifestyle. An impressive achievement that will fascinate readers, young and not so young.”

School Days Magazine
“Shortlisted as Book of the Year by Speech Pathology Australia this brilliantly illustrated book with it’s tactile hard cover is a fun way to teach young children aged 4-8 about Australia’s history, culture, iconic food …  would  make an ideal gift. ” Click here to read in full.

Buzz Words Magazine
“Shortlisted as Book of the Year by Speech Pathology Australia this brilliantly illustrated book with it’s tactile hard cover is a fun way to teach young children aged 4-8 about Australia’s history, culture, iconic food…  would make an ideal gift.” Click here to read.

Story Mamas
“Culturally perfect. A complete celebration of Aussie diversity, food, animals, icons and geography.  We love it. Kids will pour over the illustrations and enjoy spotting familiar things. There is truckloads of detail to discover more on every read. Recommended for ages 7-10. This books would be an awesome classroom resource.” Click here to read.

Blue Wolf Reviews
“What a fantastic way to show someone the many facets of Australia. Tania McCarthy has presented this book by firstly looking at overall aspects of Australia, and then taking each State and Territory at a time, for closer examination. She has done this in such an interesting way that you can’t help but be drawn in. The illustrations are very detailed and yet convey the exact idea she wishes to share.” Click here to read in full.

Kids’ Book Reviews
“What a magnificent book for tourists and even locals who want to learn about this wonderful country of ours! Tania McCartney has surpassed everything she has previously produced. It’s clever, full of energy, information, entertainment and spectacular colour.” Click here to read in full.


One More Page Podcast, May 2018

Queensland Times, June 2017
“FROM the First People to washing lines and crocodiles, football and sunshine, koalas and akubras, skyscrapers and beaches that squeak, this 96-page picture book is a glorious tribute to this wide brown land and its rich and varied multicultural communities.” – Click here to view.

Triple M Toowoomba, January 2017
Tania McCartney as interviewed on Triple M Toowoomba, discussing the joys of Australia: Illustrated. 

96Five Family, January 2017
A great interview from Tania, with 96Five Family.

Travel Writers Radio, December 2016
Tune in and hear Tania McCartney as interviewed on Travel Writers Radio.
“A playful kids’ encyclopedia of Australia. A book of joy!”

ABC Broken Hill, December 2016

Tania McCartney as interviewed by Rebekah Lowe on the Breakfast Program

Pass It On, November 2016
“A secret regarding the colours in the book—they were taken from old Bewitched reruns. I took photos of some of the clothing and room settings on my TV then scanned the photos into Adobe Illustrator and eye-droppered the colours I wanted.” – Find out more lesser known facts of Australia: Illustrated here.

ABC 666 Canberra, November 2016

Click here to hear the interview with author Tania McCartney – which starts at 1 Hour 43 Minutes


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