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A Star for Mama

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A baby penguin wants to show his mama how much he loves her so he tries to catch a shooting star for her birthday … but gets lost along the way. Will Kip ever get the chance to show his mama how much she means to him? Find out in this charming story that celebrates the power of love and the special bond between mother and child.

Specifications :Hardcover | 245x 245mm | 32 Full Cover


A Little Pink Dog Books Publication


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Ashling Kwok is a children’s author who has been published by Little Pink Dog Books, EK Books and Yellow Brick Books. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and a Diploma in Editing and Publishing. Ashling is a CBCA committee member and is represented by the Creative Kids Tales Speakers Agency.

Kathy Creamer is an award-winning author and illustrator. She has been published by Oxford University Press, Reed International, Christmas Press, Julia Gabriel Communications, September 21, Williamstown Literary Festival, and other organisations. She has a Bachelor of Arts Honors Degree in Creative Writing and Children’s Literature and a Master of Arts in Children’s Book Illustration from the renowned Cambridge School of Art in England. She has also run her own successful publishing venture based in the UK. Having recently moved to Armidale, and with her husband, Peter, she has set up Little Pink Dog Books Children’s Publishing.

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Out now in ANZ! Due for release 9th November 2021 in UK/US/CAN – pre-order your copy now!

Star is the story of The Nativity told from the rather unusual perspective of The Christmas Star. Like all Nativity based stories it’s a story of Love, Wonder and Sacrifice. There are also themes of friendship, self-doubt and finding one’s place in the world/ finding and sharing one’s gifts and talents.

SPECIFICATIONS: 9780648964001| 245mm x 245mm | Hardback | 40 pages | Full Colour | Little Pink Dog Books

A Little Pink Dog Books Publication

Peas in a Pod

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Pippa, Pia, Poppy, Polly and Peg are quintuplets. Since birth, they’ve done everything the same — cry, eat, sleep, sit. But as they get a little older, things start to change. Now they want to do things differently — very differently. Can Mum and Dad keep their little girls as matching peas in a pod, or will those five very individual personalities win out in the end? Gorgeous illustrations perfectly complement this simple yet highly entertaining storyline. Sure to be enjoyed by kids and their parents!

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SPECIFICATIONS: Hardcover/Paperback | 245 x 255 mm /9½ x 10 Inches | 32 Pages |

Get Ready, Mama!

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Getting Mama ready for the day can be a challenge… you’d better watch out that she doesn’t sneak back into bed, try to distract you with cuddles, or… wait, is Mama watching TV?! Even the most reluctant risers will find the fun in the morning routine with this playful role-reversal story about a mama who just doesn’t want to get ready!
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Speech Pathology Australia Shortlisted Book of the Year 2023
Shortlisted Book of the Year 2023 – Speech Pathology Australia


SPECIFICATIONS: 245mm x 255mm | Hardback | 32 Pages | Full Colour | EK Books