49 Ways to Write Yourself Well

49 Ways to Write Yourself Well is an inspirational guide to improving your confidence and general well-being through writing. Written by a leading creative-writing trainer and life coach, this book is a compendium of tools, techniques and activities which you can draw on to help you take control of your emotions, relationships and personal goals, and find a greater sense of self. The book is structured into 49 different and complementary approaches to using writing in creative and transformational ways for enhancing well-being.

The information and exercises will help you to build and maintain a regular writing practice, as well as set up and maintain a journal. Learn how to use creative writing to identify and manage your emotions, release emotional and mental blocks, practise coaching models on the page to discover solutions to work or personal challenges, and reframe relationships with oneself and others. With recent research showing the positive and health-improving benefits that can come through writing, this guide will help you express yourself and achieve a greater sense of personal well-being.

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Jackee Holder MA, BA is an Executive Leadership coach, trainer, creative-writing tutor and interfaith minister. With a Masters degree in Creative Writing and Personal Development, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Coaching, and a Diploma in Performance Coaching, Jackee is well qualified to support others to develop themselves through writing. But it is Jackee’s creative and intuitive approach, which draws on her personal experience and the difficulties she has faced and overcome which, in her view, have given her the capacity to bring compassion, empathy and understanding to her work with others. Jackee’s work as a conference host and facilitator has taken her across the globe. She runs accredited coaching training and works as an associate coach and trainer for a number of organisations in the UK. Jackee is the author of Soul Purpose: Self-affirming rituals, meditations and creative exercises to revive your spirit (Piatkus Books, 1999) and Be Your Best Life Coach (Infinite Ideas, 2008). She is also a regular contributor to a range of other books and magazines.

Slim Magazine, July 2015

“take control of your thinking, eating and emotional habits”

Exisle Publishing 49 Ways to Eat Well Think Write Slim

Link Disability Magazine, June 2015

“Wellness is about becoming aware of, and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life”

Exisle Publishing 49 Ways to Think Eat Write Yourself Well Martina Watts

Optimum Health Magazine, June 2015

“This series of inspirational books provide the tools to take control of your thinking, eating and emotional habits”

Exisle Publishing Optimum Health Magazine 49 Ways to Think Eat Write Yourself Well

Ladies in Racing, May 2015

“Gives you the tools to take control of your thinking, eating and emotional habits, so you can make choices that are best for your wellbeing.”

Exisle 49 Ways to Think Eat Write Well


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