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Buzz: A book of happiness for bee lovers

USD $22.99 Tax Included

Coming Soon! (March 2023)

Bees are endlessly fascinating and very photogenic, and the lives of bees and humans are intricately intertwined. Buzz captures bees in all their moods, from serious (every bee has a job to do) to quirky (they communicate using the waggle dance). Everyone from Shakespeare to Winnie the Pooh is quoted in celebration of this beneficial insect.

SPECIFICATIONS:   Hardback | 225 x 203 mm  | 160 Pages | Colour Photographs

Buster Follows His Nose

USD $18.99 Tax Included

A story demonstrating the loyalty of a blind and faithful old sheepdog named Buster, who is always diligent in his duty of guarding and protecting Tilly, the youngest and most vulnerable member of the family when she becomes lost in the Australian bush. By following his nose Buster can easily lead Tilly home, but he can’t make her understand what he wants. He stays with Tilly and looks after her all through the night, keeping her warm and warning wild dingoes to stay away until the search party of family and friends, alerted by Buster’s barking, eventually find them in the early morning mist.

SPECIFICATIONS: 9780648964070 | Hardcover |245 x 245mm  | 32 Pages | Full Colour | Little Pink Dog Books


A Little Pink Dog Books Publication

Bleat: A book of fun for goat lovers

USD $19.99 Tax Included

With gorgeous photography coupled with celebrity quotes, Bleat is for goat lovers who are not “kidding” around! Enjoy a celebration of our love of the charismatic goat. With quotes from Sandra Bullock, Aristotle, Cicero, and Jason Momoa, Bleat is designed to remind people why we can’t seem to get enough of those cute little faces. Goat lovers everywhere, give yourself the gift of Bleat. Just be sure not to leave it anywhere near your goat unattended … or they might eat it!


SPECIFICATIONS:   Hardback | 225 x 203 mm  | 160 Pages | Colour Photographs