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Cholas in Bowlers

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Journey to Bolivia

With two grown-up sons, a satisfying job as a journalist, great friends and plenty of interests, life for Jane Mundy was humming along nicely when, out of the blue and in the most unlikely of places, she met Graham. In no time at all she had abandoned her comfortable life and run away with him to Bolivia.

The so-called Tibet of the Americas is the highest, the most remote and the most traditional of all the South American countries. It has futbol, witchcraft, cocaine, llamas both dried and alive, and more changes of government than any other country — and, of course, it has the bowler hat. Nothing is slick here, nothing fancy, nothing glossed up for tourists, what you see is what you get, unadorned. Throughout the country it’s as though the people are indifferent to the ways of the world and determined to do things in their own unique style. From doing battle with the Spanish language to caring for a mountain puma in a wildlife refuge, from braving the steaming hell of the Potosi silver mines to risking life and limb on the World’s Most Dangerous Road, Jane and Graham dived headlong into life Bolivian style, and survived to tell the tale!

This humorous, inspiring book shows what can happen for those who are prepared to be open to change, to embrace opportunities and to take risks, and proves that no one is ever too old for adventure.

SPECIFICATIONS: Paperback with Flaps | 234 mm x 153mm | 280 Pages |