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The Antipodean Express

AUD $44.99 Tax Included

A journey by train from New Zealand to Spain

Due for release  UK Aug 24 / US Oct 24

A railway adventure tracing a journey from the author’s home in New Zealand to its exact antipodes in rural Spain. The narrative recounts 89 consecutive days of travel with 33 trains through 19 countries. It describes most of the great trains of the Eurasian hemisphere, from New Zealand’s Northern Explorer to the Eurostar and everything in between. Full of people, memories, history, and places – anyone interested in travel, trains, food, music and cultures will love taking this armchair journey

Specifications: Paperback | 235 x 155mm / 9.25 x 6.25 in | 296 Pages

Fifty Ships that Changed the Course of History

AUD $34.99 Tax Included

A nautical history of the world

Due for release  in November 2024  (ANZ only)

Fifty Ships that Changed the Course of History is more than just a delight for lovers of the sea—it’s a virtual history of the world told through the boats and ships that influenced how and where people lived. Beautifully illustrated with historic artwork and modern photography, it contains not only maritime marvels from ages past, but also some of the most iconic Australian and New Zealand watercraft. Included are Captain Cook’s HMS Endeavour and Greenpeace’s once flagship Rainbow Warrior.

Specifications: Paperback | 227 x 170mm  | 224 Pages |200+ Colour Images

Creative Writer’s Sourcebook

AUD $39.99 Tax Included

50 Great Authors & 175 Writing Exercises

Avaliable now (ANZ only)

A fascinating guide to the style and technique of the world’s great writers. From Roald Dahl to Katherine Mansfield, each author profile includes details of the writer’s career, key works and significance of their writing style. Writing exercises then guide the reader to experiment with this style, honing their craft as they play with perspective, perfect characterisation, and craft opening lines like the greats. Perfect for aspiring fiction writers and literature lovers alike!

Specifications: Hardback | 230 x 172mm  | 224 Pages


AUD $39.99 Tax Included

A Gardener’s Miscellany of Fascinating Facts and Remarkable Plants

Due for release  in October 2024  (ANZ only)

This wonderfully diverse collection of facts, figures and foliage is a celebration of plants, gardens and gardening. All things horticultural can be found here, from the phantasmagorical to the practical and everything in between. Delve into the cut-throat world of the plant hunters. Meet the first garden gnomes. Find a recipe to create a cocktail flower garden. See the world through the eyes of a bee. Here is a book to inspire gardeners and dig down into all aspects of a horticultural world where plants can heal and hurt, attack and retreat, survive and even come back from the dead.

Specifications: Hardback | 230 x 172mm  | 224 Pages |200+ Colour Images

Secrets of Great Botanists

AUD $39.99 Tax Included

And What They Teach Us About Gardening

Due for release  in October 2024  

Welcome to the lives of 35 botanists from our past and present, driven by an insatiable desire to learn and discover, whose study of plants revolutionised the scientific world and increased our understanding of the importance plants have on our survival. Illustrated with beautiful period botanical watercolours and vibrant photographs, this inspiring and practical guide delves into the qualities that brought them success and shows what ordinary gardeners can learn from their legacies

Specifications: Paperback | 230 x 170mm  | 224 Pages

Urban Beekeeping

AUD $55.00 Tax Included

The city as a hive

Due for release  in October 2024  

Urban Beekeeping is both an in-depth instruction manual for creating hives in urban spaces, and an exploration of why reshaping our cities to make space for nature is vital. Written by the Head Beekeeper for the Australian Parliament, it is informed by extensive experience in beekeeping, instruction and honey production. Readers will learn step by step how to set up a thriving urban hive, and the wider importance of this as sustainable local food production and creating space for native species.

Specifications: Hardback | 242 x 184mm  | 256 Pages

The Happiness Trap Cards

AUD $29.99 Tax Included

50 ACT-Based Prompts, Practices and Reflections to Help You Stop Struggling and Start Living

Due for release  in September 2024  (ANZ only)

Following on from the million-copy bestseller The Happiness Trap, this beautifully presented card set introduces the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in a fresh and accessible format. Each card features a key concept of ACT, and on the reverse a practical teaching for the reader to apply in their daily life. Readers will be empowered to prioritise their true values, deal with difficult emotions and engage fully in what matters, building authentic happiness from the inside out.

Specifications: 50 cards + 4-page booklet, boxed | 146 x 95 mm

Their Faraway Home

AUD $69.99 Tax Included

The Story of Croats in New Zealand through publications</strong

The book gives an insight into the life of Croats in New Zealand throughout history, providing a systematic presentation of publications, cultural societies and communication on social networking sites.

The life of the early Croatian settlers was not easy – working all days in the gumfields witho no knowledge of the English language, and no money to return to their homeland. Newspapers were an important source of information, not only about their old, but also about their new country.

Specifications: Paperback | 229 x 152mm | 380 pages

Deceptions of World War II

AUD $39.99 Tax Included

From camouflage techniques to deception tactics

Only available in Australia & New Zealand

Bluff and camouflage were vital wartime tactics. At home and in the Pacific, artists and photographers like William Dobell and Max Dupain were drafted into bold and creative efforts. Enjoy the ingenious and outrageous acts of military subterfuge of WWII. From disguising military bases as market gardens to creating mythical brigades in the Pacific, to fictitious spy networks feeding the enemy false information, these absorbing stories unveil the war-winning deceptions – and their masterminds.

Specifications: Hardback | 230 x 172mm  | 224 Pages

Secret Heroes of World War II

AUD $39.99 Tax Included

Spies, scientists and other heroes

Only available in Australia & New Zealand

Look behind the curtain and meet the engineers, resistance fighters, spies, physicists and more who committed incredible acts of heroism amidst the chaos and danger of WWII. From the priest who hid thousands of POWs and Jews in the Vatican, to the Antipodean servicewoman who led a formidable Resistance group, prepare to be awed and captivated.

Specifications: Hardback | 230 x 172mm  | 224 Pages

The Flourishing Woman

AUD $34.99 Tax Included

A mental health and wellbeing guide

Also avaliable in a eBook

In The Flourishing Woman, Dr Cate Howell addresses many topics that are highly relevant to adult women, including why women often put themselves last; ways to overcome stress, overwhelm and anxiety; reproduction, menopause and mental health; and managing parenthood challenges and relationship issues. Other topics include the impact of trauma and physical illness on mental health, and strategies to manage these impacts; and how to silence self-criticism and grow self-worth.

Specifications: Paperback | 229 x 152mm / 9 x 6in | 240 pages

The Mindful Freak-Out

AUD $34.99 Tax Included

A rescue manual for being at your best when life is at its worst

Out now in Australia, New Zealand & the US – Coming to the UK August 24

The Mindful Freak-Out presents strategies from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) to give you the evidence-based tools you need to face highly distressing moments. The goal of these strategies is to soothe your suffering while giving you the inner strength, wisdom, and commitment needed to face the emotional pain in a flexible way. The result is an outcome where you feel good about your response, rather than deeply regretting your actions or words.

Specifications: Paperback | 229 x 152mm / 9 x 6 in | 280 Pages

Join author Dr. Eric Goodman for a FREE Webinar on ‘How ACTing with compassion eases suffering during life’s most distressing moments.’ and more from The Mindful Freak-Out (LIVE Tuesday Feb 13th @ 10AM PST – recording available after the event) – REGISTER HERE

Everything Anxiety Ever Told You Is a Lie

AUD $37.99 Tax Included

*Well, almost everything!

Due for release  in July 2024

Everything Anxiety Ever Told You Is a Lie is practical and therapeutic guide to managing anxiety, written specifically for those aged 14–25 by a psychologist with over 15 years of experience working with adolescents and young adults. It contains concise, impactful chapters and strategies that can be realistically applied even in a busy and changeable time of life. From managing uncertainty to identifying purpose, this guide will help young adults minimise anxiety’s impact on their life.

Specifications: Hardback/PLC | 235 x 184mm / 9.25 x 7.25 in | 144Pages

The Clear Leader

AUD $34.99 Tax Included

How to lead well in a hyper-connected world

Due for release in AU, NZ & the US in March 2024 / August 24 in UK & EU

The Clear Leader is a bold new guide to achieving authentic leadership in a hyper-connected world. With countless tech distractions, modern leaders need to strategize, prioritise, connect, and look after their own wellbeing better than ever before, to break through the noise effectively. Bringing together their extensive expertise in business psychology and mindfulness, Donald and Hassed present insightful and accessible guidance for leaders of all types to become natural, respected and clear.

Specifications: Paperback | 229 x 152mm / 9 x 6 in | 240 Pages

Honey Bee Pests and Diseases

AUD $69.99 Tax Included

The authors of Honey Bee Pests and Diseases have been keen beekeepers for over twenty years, and have a professional interest in bees through their university research. The diseases honey bees currently face can be better managed when beekeepers, eager to learn about the identification and treatment of diseases, have access to the latest information. Beekeeping techniques vary in different countries, and this book enables beekeepers to take the best from each country’s practices.

Specifications: Hardback | 229 x 152mm / 9 x 6 in | 240 Pages | Full Colour


AUD $49.99 Tax Included

Adventures across Aotearoa

Avaliable now!

Over the years, countless sea kayakers, climbers and alpine trampers have attempted journeys across New Zealand’s incredible landscape. In Epic, the stories of a dozen memorable Kiwi explorers are brought together, with detailed maps, backstories and stunning images. From the first traverse of the Southern Alps, to the nineteen-year-old who travelled 8000km of coastline, Epic is a testament to endurance, and a reminder to get out there and experience the wild, stunning places of our planet.

Specifications: Hardback | 229 x 152mm / 9 x 6 in | 264 Pages | Coloured Photographs & Maps

Watch some of the interviews conducted by author Ray Salisbury:

The Australian Beekeeping Manual (3rd Edition)

AUD $59.99 Tax Included

The Australian Beekeeping Manual is the most comprehensive reference for both novice and experienced beekeepers in Australia. The accessible yet detailed text, supported by over 350 full-colour photographs and illustrations, covers all the key areas, from the beekeeping equipment needed and how to obtain bees to the basics of colony management, pests and diseases, native bees, and rearing queens. This 3rd edition has been updated to include the latest developments in pest and disease management.

Specifications: Hardback | 242 x 184mm / 9.5 x 7.25in | 368 Pages | Full Colour

Mindfulness at Play

AUD $34.99 Tax Included


Parenting healthy, happy children with old wisdom and new science

Mindfulness at Play was written by a mindfulness expert and university lecturer, a psychologist and play therapist. (both are parents) to help parents and young people recognise and expand the practice of mindfulness in their lives, as well as recognise and respond to whatever is getting in its way. It introduces mindfulness and play-based training exercises and activities, as well as evidence-based mindfulness knowledge.

Specifications: Paperback | 229 x 152mm / 9 x 6in | 240 pages

Island Girl to Airline Pilot

AUD $34.99 Tax Included

A story of love, sacrifice and taking flight

This is the life story of Silva Mcleod, the first Tongan woman to become an airline pilot. She’s still one of only a handful. Told by Silva with frankness and wit, it’s quite a story. Silva takes us on a journey of cultural change from her beginnings as a poor island girl to her marriage to an Australian. The challenges of pursuing a flying career and its impact on her family are set against the backdrop of the love story of her life with her husband and his battle with cancer.

SPECIFICATIONS:  Paperback| 229 x 152 mm  | 320 Pages | approx. 30 photographs (Color)

Inside the Dyslexic Mind

AUD $34.99 Tax Included

A resource for parents, teachers and dyslexics themselves

Also available in  Audio Book |  eBook

In Laughton King’s formulation, a dyslexic person is like a diesel vehicle. They run perfectly if you give them the right fuel, but if you put petrol in the tank (i.e. expect them to learn like every ‘normal’ child in our current education system) they break down. This book is designed to help dyslexic (diesel) thinkers make sense of their lives.

Specifications:  Paperback | 229x 152mm | 256 pages