Mental Health


Drawing on the wisdom of experts who are internationally recognized in their field, Exisle Publishing is proud to publish books to help us help ourselves.

Our range of adult nonfiction and award-winning children’s picture books is carefully curated to help professionals, individuals and families support mental well-being through easy to approach, empathetic and practical advice.

Author Spotlight

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Dr. Russ Harris

Dr. Russ Harris is a world-renowned trainer of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT). 

Since 2005, Russ has run over 800 two-day workshops and provided ACT training for over 50,000 health professionals. He has authored four ACT textbooks (ACT Made Simple, Trauma-Focused ACT, Getting Unstuck in ACT, ACT Questions & Answers), and four ACT-based self-help books (The Happiness Trap, The Reality Slap, The Confidence Gap and ACT with Love).

His best-known book, The Happiness Trap, has sold over one million copies worldwide, with translations into more than 30 languages, and now there’s a new edition coming!

Better Living

Discover practical self-help tools written by experts in their fields on topics like anxiety, depression & creativity


With mindfulness for everyday, work, relationships, and even mindful creative outlets, learn to breathe and reset your mind with these mindfulness books.


We won’t tell you how to parent your kids, but sometimes, you may just want advice. We have you covered with practical tips and expert information, so you can carry on doing what you do best armed with the expert knowledge of psychologists and counsellors to help your children reach their full potential.

Kid's Books for Mental Health

Our children's book imprint EK Books publishes books with heart on issues that matter. With a range of titles catered for ages 4-10, we unpack topics like depression, anxiety, domestic violence, grief, childhood illness and more...