At Exisle, we love the physical book, and so do our customers.

The touch, the experience, the smell, can never be replaced, and we believe that the paper book will continue to thrive despite the availability of eBooks and eReaders.

Having said this, we also understand that sometimes eBooks are just that much more convenient. Therefore, all our Exisle Brand titles – so most of the books you’ll find on this site – are available as eBooks.

For those of us who are new to the whole e thing, here’s a quick guide to help make eBooks easy for you

How to Download Your Ebook

When you choose an eBook version, you’ll be instantly emailed the download link upon purchase. Simply contact us if you have any trouble here.

If you have a selected a bundle option, in some cases there may be a delay as your eBook order is processed, but you should still receive your download via email within 24 hours.

How to Read Your eBook

The majority of our titles are available in both .EPUB and .MOBI format.

EPUB is the standard eBook format which you can use on most eReaders, your computer, and on your phone.

For a more comprehensive guide to the ePUB format, see this article. 

.MOBI is the format that will work on your Amazon Kindle. If you have a kindle, buy the .MOBI format. If you do not, go for ePub.

A small handful of our titles are available only as eBooks. Unless otherwise stated, the format will be EPUB, but if you have a kindle it’s easy to convert this to .MOBI.

Ready to get reading? See some of our titles below. For the eBook version, just select your preferred file type from the drop down menu. Choose the bundle option to get both the physical and the eBook, and save.