July 7th was World Chocolate Day, and to celebrate we’re giving away a free Chocolate Mousse Recipe that’s good for your tummy and brain! Find your free recipe below!

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Here are some surprising facts from FYB author Delia McCabe on why and how Chocolate is good for our brains.

Chocolate contains:

  • Antioxidants, which are fabulous for our super busy brains (more than blueberries, in fact!)
  • Magnesium which is very important for metal wellbeing, especially during stress, and is why women crave it during PMT – it’s a muscle relaxant    
  • Chromium, iron and zinc as well as loads of other phytochemical
  • PEA (phenyl-ethyl-amine), which is an amphetamine like compound, producing very pleasant feelings of well-being, although you would have to eat a lot of it to get this euphoric effect
  • Theobromine, which is a natural anti-inflammatory

HOWEVER, it is best consumed when it’s 70% of the product, not overly refined, with a low unrefined sugar content, as well as in an organic form, as pesticides accumulate in fat, which is NOT good for the brain! 

And here’s your free Raw Chocolate and Date Mousse recipe:


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