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Deceptions of World War II

From camouflage techniques to deception tactics

Only available in Australia & New Zealand

Bluff and camouflage were vital wartime tactics. At home and in the Pacific, artists and photographers like William Dobell and Max Dupain were drafted into bold and creative efforts. Enjoy the ingenious and outrageous acts of military subterfuge of WWII. From disguising military bases as market gardens to creating mythical brigades in the Pacific, to fictitious spy networks feeding the enemy false information, these absorbing stories unveil the war-winning deceptions – and their masterminds.

Specifications: Hardback | 230 x 172mm  | 224 Pages

Secret Heroes of World War II

Spies, scientists and other heroes

Only available in Australia & New Zealand

Look behind the curtain and meet the engineers, resistance fighters, spies, physicists and more who committed incredible acts of heroism amidst the chaos and danger of WWII. From the priest who hid thousands of POWs and Jews in the Vatican, to the Antipodean servicewoman who led a formidable Resistance group, prepare to be awed and captivated.

Specifications: Hardback | 230 x 172mm  | 224 Pages

The Clear Leader

USD $22.99 Tax Included

How to lead well in a hyper-connected world

Due for release in AU, NZ & the US in March 2024 / August 24 in UK & EU

The Clear Leader is a bold new guide to achieving authentic leadership in a hyper-connected world. With countless tech distractions, modern leaders need to strategize, prioritise, connect, and look after their own wellbeing better than ever before, to break through the noise effectively. Bringing together their extensive expertise in business psychology and mindfulness, Donald and Hassed present insightful and accessible guidance for leaders of all types to become natural, respected and clear.

Specifications: Paperback | 229 x 152mm / 9 x 6 in | 240 Pages